It bothers me that some women don't understand their place

So you get a girl and date her and make her love you and go through all that effort and you put a collar on her and she sometimes doesn't want that, sometimes she refuse to walk outside wearing nothing but the collar and a tail plug, all the things that I would expect an obedient slave to do.

I for years had to teach so many Vanillas who think women should be treated equal what it feels like to be owned as nature intended.

When I dump them they usually stay obedient and wait for me to call them to be used, they take pride in being real women, obedient and eager to serve, they tell me how much pride being a slave brings them, how they feel superior to the lousy women who don't have a master.

The thing is I am getting tired of teaching and it's all the fault of modern PC nonsense, women were born to serve, it's annoying and disgusting that society ruined what is natural.

Mar 9, 2017

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  • I know my place, men control women. You got an email? I would love to work for you;)

  • It bothers me that some people think, they're superior compared to other people! No one is!

    It's an illusion, concocted by mankind!

  • The intention of this post was to rile people. I don't doubt you believe you're some great Master, but you're game here was lame. ;)

  • Fewest o****** given award goes to op lol

  • What a p**** b**** someone needs to thump some shotgun shells in your gut

  • Only very weak men need to dominate women.

  • Only stupid men think, they can dominate any woman and women that are stupid - let stupid men dominate them.

  • I find the tougher I am the closer she is. She says she does not get aroused by being spanked or whipped she talks about how she is vanilla and that being whipped is a sacrifice for me. Likewise with clothes. Take her out in skimpy clothes she has to always be careful in the way she sits. There is always resistance and she will say she felt exposed or humiliated. The one thing is that when I am not with her, I let her wear what she likes. She usually wears pants then.

  • Some people are idiotic, including yourself! What a dumbass fictitious confession to instigate attention!

    Well, some people on this website have written worse dribble for similar reasons, I presume.

    So welcome to the f***** up club :)

  • Oh watch out watch out its a p***** off sexually fluid mma trannny^ lolololol

  • Tranny rimmer

  • ^tranny^

  • V tranny v

  • Tranny sucker

  • Oh watch out watch out its a p***** off tranny

  • Tranny fister

  • ^woody sucker^

  • Neanderthal. Good luck living in the 21st Century.

  • Your going to grow old alone or your going to be saddled with a female loser.

  • You obviously need to work on your Master skills. I think you are a pansy submissive slave if you can't control a woman. I could put you in my cage and teach you a thing or two you sissy boy.

  • Yes please

  • Yeah don't hold your breath on that one little girl...
    I mean... you could imagine I have met plenty of dominant kitties and the thing with you, and the reason you ain't got it, is that you seem to be trying really hard, it's not something you need to try if you got it.

    But keep that cage or what have you, someone can put you there, show you a thing or 2.

  • It's not "ain't", it's "haven't"

  • ^tranny^^

  • ^^wood sucker^^

  • Lol im not but i know you are!

  • Tranny sausage sucker

  • I'm a male that the wrote the comment to which you replied.

  • You can't even string proper sentences together!

  • ........sometimes.....a b**** just need a beating....................

  • Depends on whose the b****.

    I've met many male b******, that needed a good ass kicking!

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