My Elder Brother's Naughty Wife

My uncle's elder Son my elder brother live with his wife just beside my house.
They both have complicated life and my brother has many girlfriends after their marriage also. And for this reason they both used to fight everyday. Every time I used to go their house to stop the fight, and they are living this type of unhappy life for last 3 years.
My brother's wife used to come my house and we both family have a very close relation between us.

Now come to The Story:-
One winter evening suddenly She came to my house and asked for few money, I gave Her as usual I used to give. And after that day She didn't came to my house at least for 7 to 8 months. I never asked Her for the money, and days has gone like this way.
After 10 months, and it was a first week of October. She gave me a miss call in my mobile and when I ring back to that number I found Her.
When I heard Her voice I shouted on the mobile,

ME:- Why you didn't came to my house and where is my money, are you trying to bluff me?

She laughed very loudly and replied,

Elder Brother's Naughty Wife :- Are you alone in your house, yes my dear ?

ME:- YES!!

She disconnected the phone and after few minutes She came to my house.
I opened the door and She pushed me back and She closed the door by herself.
She was not Big in size and little bit shorter than me in height. She was not chubby and her b****** was medium size not very big or small. She also have a small very soft tummy. & Her weight was not more than 50 kgs. I'm 5"2 and my weight was 60 kgs at that time.
Now She came inside and sat on our sofa and she said about her problem and that's why she couldn't gave my money back. Now I thought she will give my money back now and that's why she came here for,

Elder Brother's Naughty Wife :- For last 3 months your brother and me have to talks and your brother have stopped giving money for food and house rent. Whatever money I had with me I spend them all and now in this month I need few money more. You don't worry I'll return your both the money together very soon. As your brother comes I'll give you back your money.

ME:- No! never, I won't give you any more money because you didn't gave my money back that you have taken 10 months ago.

And I walked into the kitchen to bring some food for Her. And I returned with a glass of juice and some desi chapatis with 2 eggs.

But She was not in that room and from my bedroom she called me.

Elder Brother's Naughty Wife :- Come here in your room, i'm here come inside.

And as I walked into my bedroom I saw Her on my bed sitting on a Pillow in very hot and sexy way. And in this manner I never saw her before, and she replied.

Elder Brother's Naughty Wife :- Are you not feeling comfortable with me in your room alone, I don't want your food, I know after eating this food you will ask me to go home. So I'm not going to eat anything now, mean while you better take back your food where you brought it from.

Then I put the salver on the bed and laughed at her very loud and said her.

ME:- Okay, okay i'll not kick you out of my house after you taking these food.

She stood up from that pillow on which She was SITTING ON for all this time. She came to me and with her feet She pushed me down on the bed and She put Her full pressure on my Chest with Her that feet.

ME:- What the h*** is this!!! are you gone mad,? or you want something more that you can't explain to anybody. !??

Then She crossed her legs and SAT on my Chest with HER FULL-WEIGHT and asked me,

Elder Brother's Naughty Wife :- I want to eat by sitting on you, will you allow this to happen, ?

and from my Chest She jumped on my stomach with Her Full-Weight. And Fart came out from my a***, and She started eating those desi chapatis, eggs and drank the juice full.
and I replied Her,

ME:- You are heavy and please stop squashing and crushing my tummy, I cant breath please get off me for it's very painful.

She was laughing and after She finished Her food, She stood up and went inside the washroom and washed Her hands and again Sat on my Chest and Squashing my Chest with Her FULL-WEIGHT.

Elder Brother's Naughty Wife :- Hope it will be more comfortable for you if I Sit on your Stomach, instead of Sitting on your Chest. Beacause I have many things to say.

Then slowly She came down on my Soft Stomach, and very slowly She put Her FULL-WEIGHT on my Stomach and Sat on it. On that day She Sat on me for 3 hours . And started saying everything happens to them in this 10 months. by SITTING ON ME..

and after that suddenly,
Elder Brother's Naughty Wife :- Okay, You may be feeling Bowring for having on Your Top for so long. Come SIT ON MY STOMACH,

By saying this She lift her Bum up from my Belly and I got some relief. From Her FULL-WEIGHT ON MY SOFT BELLY.

I Sat on Her SOFT LITTLE TUMMY and it was little bit Big because She ate all those food.

Elder Brother's Naughty Wife :- Make yourself Comfortable by Sitting on me with your FULL-WEIGHT.

But when I Sat my FULL-WEIGHT, HER SMALL TUMMY GOES INSIDE and She Shouted very slowly.

Elder Brother's Naughty Wife :- You are heavy my dear, but don't worry I'll let You Enjoy my Soft Little Tummy. Sit on me with your HULL-WEIGHT as long as you want.
I enjoyed her soft tummy and also sat on her chest and in middle of chest and belly at least for 2 hours. And She started telling all her stories about her life going on now. By letting me Sit on Her with my FULL-WEIGHT. Since then we are in RELATION,

..........and even still now when I'm Writing this Story & She is Under Me. And She is Laughing too because I have wrote this.

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  • Bet this was written by NI GG ERS!



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