Caught red handed

This weekend after a busy Saturday pottering around the house and garden while I went to get a shower my wife popped out to the shops to get a few things for tea and a bottle of wine etc at the local supermarket so as I was getting ready for a shower I noticed her knickers from earlier today were left in the bathroom so feeling a bit naughty I licked them and put on another pair from her cupboard and decided to have a slow w*** in them as I licked and sniffed her used panties I decided as I was feeling kinky to get one of her vibrators out and feel what it was like to feel one inside of me so I got a smallish one and inserted it up my bum while I was wearing her thongs and smelling her used ones but she forgot her purse and walked in to find me with a pink vibe up me and her panties on me and me smelling and licking a used pair on my face as the door opened as she asked me where her purse was she stopped mouth wide open and I was at the point of no return and started spunking jets of c** all over me and her panties she just stood there horrified and in disbelief all she said is she never knew I just sat there red faced and embarrassing covered in c**, we haven't spoken much the remains weekend don't know what to say to her and I think she is the same.

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  • Who cares keep wearing panties and if you want sniff and lick hers and her mothers panties too

  • If she is going to leave you for this, help her pack, good riddance!!!!

  • Omg how funny is that !!!! She's now thinking you're gay and wondering who she can f**k next !! 😂

  • What a f****** loser you are

  • Omg, that is the funnest s*** I have ever heard. L****!

  • HAHAHAAHAHA! Sorry my friend but your embarrassment is my comedy.

  • Do you want me to came around and f*** your wife

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