How pantyhose and heels feel

I love to look at women in pantyhose or stocking and heels. So much so that I sneak behind my wife's back and wear hers. I travel alot so while out of town I will put a pair of pantyhose on under my jeans and go to shoe stores just to try on heels and walk around in them in the store as long as nobody is around to see me do it. I've mentioned to my wife about me wearing pantyhose and heels at home but she tells me that makes me gay. I don't feel that way I just like how they feel. I have no desire to dress up as a girl in public just to occasionally wear pantyhose and heels in the privacy of my home. Maybe even m********* while I have them on too. I'm definitely not gay just a fetish I'd say. Any ideas to help get her onboard.

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  • Just start doing it she will get used to it, I wear panties, bras and nighties at home all the time my wife actually likes seeing me in them, every now and again she will make me up and put a wig on we always end up having s** then she also assist's with shaving so I am nice and smooth

  • I'm a guy and I too love the feel of panty hose. Like you I will wear them under my jeans. I've been doing this since elementary school.

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