I need some advice

Okay soo I need some advice, me and my gf have been close to each other for 2 years but we started dating 7 months ago im 20 she's 19 she's also a virgin so I dont believe she knows alot about sexually stuff at least for what I know, but I'm not a virgin I obviously would love to have s** with her but I won't push itt until it just happens naturally. But my main question is I don't exactly know how to tell her my fetish 🤔 or if I should even tell her since she's a virgin and we haven't had s** I don't know how she will take it or maybe I should wait till we finally have s** a couple times to tell her about my fetish that way its not alot to take in ? My fetish started since I was 10 im very aroused by women wearing high heels just something about them that personally makes women look more sexier in every way possible especially in the bedroom or something simple like how women walk in heels. i randomly asked for my gfs shoe size one day I found out shes a size 6 and with out her knowing I brought her a couple pairs of high heels, she said she has never worn 6 inch heels or just heels in general in her life so I'm assuming she doesn't know how to walk in them and my navie dumbass still went out and brought her high heels but because of that I brought a variety of heel heights and different styles of heels nothing under 4.5 inches but anyways I would love to ask her if she can wear a pair of heels for me basically just for my enjoyment i don't know how to ask her or if it's even the right thing to ask her lol they are just shoes I don't see nothing wrong with it besides the part that I have a fetish with women wearing heels, she lives in a small town near the shoreline all the beaches are extremely lonely so I was thinking we could go out on a walk at the beach or near there and I could ask her there maybe ?? Since nobody is there to watch Idk I would really appreciate any advice, I know I said alot so again the main question I really want advice on is "I don't know if I should tell my gf my fetish and ask her to wear high heels for me and if so yes I dont knosw how to break it to her ? " thanks for reading

Apr 26, 2020

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  • I would love to see her in stockings and red dress and hair in a bun or pony tail that wouldn't be a bad idea especially with her virgin Mary pendent loop earrings

  • Okay thanks you guys/girls

  • Take her shopping for shoes. Get a feel for how high a heel she would be willing to go for.

  • I already brought her a couple pairs of heels of alot of styles and heights, i brought her a couple pairs of high heeled platform wedges regular high heeled stilettos and flatform pumps and also regular 4 inch heels without any platforms, but i will still gladly take her shoe shopping if it means that i will get to see her in heels, so if you think I should then I will

  • Tell her, "Hey baby I think you'd look great in these high heels and would be thrilled if you wore them." Then work in stockings, a red dress, a hair style and anything else you want to see her in. It charts a course for future understanding and honesty. If you feel nervous about being yourself the relationship will be off to a rocky start. Be bold and kind if you believe in her.

  • Thank you

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