True love

So I'm forty and married for 10 years with a daughter. But I recently fell in love with a 20 year old girl. She simultaneously makes me feel young and old. She also makes me confused about what i want out of life. I desperately want to see her but I also know she's just f****** with me. I feel so sad

Mar 18, 2017

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  • Never let anyone toy with your deserve better than that. Focus on giving your daughter the very best but don't forget to love yourself also and do a little spoiling not just for your daughter but also for yourself. The whole world can fend for themselves and it's a waste of time and energy dealing with negative people.

  • Stop f****** around!!!!!!! Go home!

  • Well if she's f****** with you, you're f****** around on your wife. So it's karma b****!

    If you've fallen in love with this side chick because she's young and fresh, just remember your wife was once a 20 year old as well! You've probably zapped the youth and vibrancy from her, as a result of her being married to you!

    If it's youth of a woman you like, your wife can't become 20 again and neither can you! Your wife could easily find a toy boy with a bigger c***, muscly body and handsome looks - just like you traded her for a younger model and still continue to have your cake/eat it as well!

    Don't think you're the only one, who can trade your old c*** for a younger/more virile one!

    You disloyal, disrespectful and

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