My girlfriend met my bully at a party

My girlfriend and I were at a party and we ran into Jake, the guy that bullied me for years. He started flirting with my gf right in front of me when I grabbed him by the neck and pushed him away. We got into a little scuffle and he slammed me on my back. He looked at my gf and said "you coming with me or what." They ended up going up to his room and I ended up going home. Some of my friends told me that Jake's snapchat story was filled with my gf and him in bed. I broke up with my gf by text but she never texted me back

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  • You are far better off without her.

  • Are you from India? The only people I've met who use the term "my bully" are from India.

  • F*** that b****, I know you feel like s*** but don't stress. Build yourself mentally and physically, few years from now show everybody who you turned out to be. These type of things build character if you handle them in the right way

  • How old are you? If this confession is true, start learning how to fight and practise religiously. Then exact your revenge on him, once you're competent and confident in your fighting skills - No girl is worth fighting for, not unless they're females in your family you love, also female friends you love as well. But no one else.

  • Agreed there is no more pathetic place to be than getting p***** over a chick he should still kick that guys ass but at another time when he isnt expecting

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