Recently, I've been getting a feeling that everyone seems to be distancing themselves away from me. Sometimes I think I know why, but other times I have no clue. All my friends seem way happier when they're not with me, and sometimes kind of just...ignore me. They're not bad people, they're fantastic, but it seems like I just don't fit in.

Everyone likes to joke about how weird or eccentric they are, but I think I take it to a whole new level. My social ineptness and weird ways probably scare and put off people.

I really just want a genuine friend.

I think I may possibly have depression and anxiety too. But I really don't want to point it out as it isn't really that significant or important. I don't want to be labelled as an attention seeker...

Lately, I've been thinking about making friends on the internet, but my paranoia prevents me from doing so. I'm always on the lookout for potential frauds and it makes it really difficult for me to get close to people.

Sometimes I feel so lonely that I want to cry. My world is so dark, yet everyone else's is so bright.

Apr 1, 2017

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  • Trust me, they're bad people. And yes, they're subtly-not-so-subtly trying to ignore you. Dump them.

  • My family had this thing about attention seekers and my guess is you are the same. I could have wrote this exact post, ever since i was 14. When you say "I don't want to be labelled as an attention seeker..." i think this could be a problem. Someone has shamed you for seeking attention, but getting people's attention is the only way to make friends. What matters is how you get attention.

    Talking to people about their interests, learning things from them, teaching them things - these are all good conversations that help you make friends. you need to have conversations and get good at it. it's a dying art though, with all this social media crap. but you need to try your best. we all do.

  • Wow it was almost like I wrote this myself! I'm 21 and I feel the exact same - message me if you want to talk (instagram: teanawhorskey)

  • Everyone else is a liar, 3/4 of them are faking it. I'm older and my best friends have been the anxiety and depressed types. Surprisingly, they are hilarious with their observations about life.
    Hang in there, this too will pass and you'll find your peeps someday.

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