Am I fat?

I've always thought that I'm bigger than most girls, but sometimes people tell me I'm too thin. I want to be skinnier! I'm 5 foot 7 and I weigh 115 pounds.

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  • It will all change. This post is 7 years old. It will have changed. Heh.

  • sounds sperfect to me. I'd like do do you in all three places.

  • if you're a C cup and that f****** skinny hun, you have the most perfect body I have ever heard of. don't keep throwing up, you'll b**** will go the fastest and then you'll get way too skinny everywhere else.

    I'm a chick, I wish I looked like you. If you get any skinnier though, your curves will cease to exist. Please be careful.

  • 5 foot 7 and 115 pounds is just fine. I know a lot of guys like their women with a little more "chunk" on them, but you never see chubby chicks landing multi-million dollar modeling contracts, do you?

  • My b**** are 32C... to the person that wanted to know.

    And, I am definitely not anorexic, I eat all the time, and no, I don't throw up afterwards, so it's not bulimia either.

    - OP

  • wtf im 4'11 and i weigh that much......... but im not fat..... well a bit chunky but not fat. lol
    i think you're anorexic...


  • big are your b****?

  • I'm about the same height and exactly the same weight and I'm a dude. Trust me, that is very thin and sexy.

  • dude, you can be a large variety of weights at any height.
    i'm 5'7, i eat as much as like a f****** 6 ft man does (literally)
    i'm 95 pounds.
    & no, im not 'skinny' , im healthy, & have a FAST metabolism.

  • You are on the slender side, but I like slender women. You do not need to loose anymore weight, though.

  • You're too skinny. I'm 5'5 and 125 pounds and I'm not fat at all,I actually like my body.

  • too skinny

  • 5' 7" and 115 sounds about right to me. Actually, that sounds pretty hot!

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