All Wrong

I've worked with my coworker for several years now, and from day one I have fancied her. We've gotten pretty close over the years and normally talked about sexual related topics. I would tell her how big my c*** is and she would tell me about her p**** and t***. I used to tell her about how good I was in bed and that she would be amazed if we ever had s**. She would laugh it off and it would never go anywhere.
The last day of our work week before Christmas break actually started early for me. I showed up early to finish up on a project before the break started. To my surprise, she came in early as well. We started the morning with some chitchat, but then quickly started talking s**. She asked me if I wanted to leave and go have s**. Of course I said yes, but really didn't think it would happen. We made our way out to my car and drove down the road to a secluded spot. We quickly jumped in the back and removed our clothes. I couldn't believe I was about to have s** with her. I was so excited, and then I wasn't. I don't know what happened, but as quickly as I got hard, I was limp. For the life of me I couldn't get it up. For several years I had dreamed about this women and now I was right there, she was right there, and I couldn't get it up. We tried everything, she played with it and rubbed it, but still nothing. I tried f****** her anyway, but it was horrible. She kept asking me why I didn't want her, but I did. I wanted her so bad, I had always wanted her. It never did get hard and we ended up just going back to work. Now our relationship is strained. She never wants to talk about sexual topics and I know she regrets even having tried to have s** with me. It sucks and I wished I had said no that morning when she asked. How could the woman of my dreams be right there in front of me and my c*** not work. I've never had this problem ever in my life, and have since had s** with other women without any problems. So I don't get what the h*** happened or how to even win her back.

Apr 8, 2017

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  • Do you normally have s** in the back seat of a car? If you are rushed or in a different environment that is not normal, then it can cause problems.

  • Fantasy is usually much better than reality. I think the thing that made your relationship with your co worker was the naughty banter you had exchanging s** stories and dirty little details about yourselves.

  • Maybe go to a doctor I am sorry I really don't know why this happened maybe it was a one time thing and you just couldn't get hard that day or something

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