My Wife

I split from my wife after an affair.

I still love my wife but there's no way back for us and I can't ever accept the fact.

Apr 9, 2017

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  • *sad trombone*

  • Who had the affair? You or her?

  • He was deliberately vague and couldn't be bothered to respond to your question, so my money's on him being the cheater.

  • S*** happens for a reason.

  • My wife has told me she doesn't love me. It's a miserable place to be mentally.

  • Can I f*** her if you're not going to?

  • Once that trust is broken there is no way to truly recover it. My wife had an affair after ten years of marriage. We stayed together for the next ten years until my daughter graduated then I divorced her. I could never trusted her after the affair, she wanted to act like we were past it but I never got over it. She was shocked when the divorce papers came.

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