I want to kill everybody in the world

I'm sick all of the s*** in the world.

I have pretty much lost any sense of hope that things will improve in the world. Everyone seems to have some reason to get p***** off at each other. Everyone is f****** scared of everyone else - they're black, we're white; they're Japanese, we're Koreans; they're Romanians, we're Spanish. All this petty little bullshit that somehow manages to go away or at least take a break when someone sits down with the other side but then it flares up again the second they look away.

Smooth-tongued hatemongers telling you with a smile and soft voice that You Don't Belong so why don't you go away. Angry haters telling you with a harsh voice screaming that. I've been that guy as well. It feels great for like five minutes until you realize what you'd you actually get.

I've been entertaining thoughts of suicide simply because I'd rather off myself than hurt others. In truth, I've considered more and more how to set off a mass murder killing people at the KKK, BLM and whatever other minority groups you can think of at the same time. That way they can all hopefully, for a split-second at least, consider that it wasn't targeted at one person...it was targeted at everyone. Because for all the shouting and rhetoric and s*** - IT DOESN'T F****** MATTER. We all bleed red.

We're 7 billion on earth and counting. 7 billion lives who didn't ask to be here on a world that is slowly shrinking. We gotta learn to either get along and play nice or just kill ourselves right here and now before we gobble anything more of what's left. Even if we had a nice homogenous group hanging out, human beings are great at finding ways to establish a pecking order and get angry at each other.

I care, but I wish I didn't. Because I care, but I'm utterly out of hope.

Apr 8, 2017

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  • Oh baby oh baby oh i want to eat your heart...

  • I've felt the same way. I've felt like
    Everyone should be exterminated
    but then I turned on Tory Amos
    And calmed down

  • Hey do the world a favor and kill your self you ass hole. Judge yourself first and only you creep. Your anger doesn't help anything but your the type of ass hole who will get a gun and kill people cause you think your superior. Get a grip you looser. Live your life and worry about yourself. Stop looking for causes to champion. You are a wanna be. Another Lee Harvey Oswald in the making.

  • You and & your family first

  • Hope you and you whole family dies, but not before the women are raped and beheaded in front of you n*****

  • Yo stfu

  • If I ever find out who you are I’ll f****** kill you

  • Trust me, you really don’t want to go there during this fake ass pandemic bullshit. Most of us would do the same so go f*** yourself

  • Youre a dead man. Gonna rape you and behead your mother inf ront of you n*****, then ill chopyour d*** off and f*** her corpse with it before i kill you too

  • If you kill everybody. You are all alone on this earth to die a lonely miserable life with no wife or childfen to call your own. No Friends and no Mom or dad or relatives. U will be all alone on this cursed earth

  • He said Everybody - you idiot !, not everybody else

  • Don't forget to include yourself!

  • Its the way of the world it sounds unbarable I couldn't imagine how much pain you must feel about all this. jesus is with you to love you and be grateful for the little things in life. if you don't expect any you won't be disappointed right. the way I see it mate, you have one hand to help others and another hand to help yourself and be grateful for the small bits of smiles and the small bits of invites you have got and the small bits of hugs and the small snails beat of s** as well. stop trying to fight the world love is that what they call muachousens by proxy or is it apsergers ? read them up see it if they relate to your issues. take a slug off your back and go roll in the grass like a dog and play and have fun. seriously litten up. have some dope or get hazed by s*** stop the negative bull dude.

  • "Smooth-tongued hatemongers" well what did you expect?

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