I'm sick of my younger sister

My sister treats me like I was a monster or a bad guy and she tells me I'm the worst thing and I ruined her life.But if you were to know me in real life I'm a very awkward and I like personal space.She says that I don't love her because she is always bothering me and I tell her to please stop. Then later I accidentally I do something wrong and she starts yelling at me and that tells her to go to her room for yelling and then instead of getting mad at dad she gets mad at me.Then I'm hanging with my friend she starts saying bad things about me un front of her and making me look like the stepsisters from Cinderella that apparently she's and angel and that I treat her like s*** and says that I should leave this world,leave the house ,and that I apparently I stole all her friend. I never stoled her f****** friend.I literally was kind to one of her friends because she liked the same things that I did. HOW THE F*** talking with someone means that the person doesn't want to be friends with you anymore.When I was talking with her I never talked s*** about her.Then after she tells her all of that she expects me to be happy or ok if what she said. Later I get sad and she's like why are you mad at me you know I always love you. If my sister did I wouldn't be sad all the time.If she loved me she wouldn't asked me to die. If she loved me she treat me like this.

Apr 12, 2017

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  • Your sister sounds like a real c***! Ditch her and find a friend who you can bond with like a sister. Blood means nothing!

  • Sometimes it's just a crush which she is misinterpreted through love for a brother...
    It happens believe it or not...
    Just ignor her for awhile like 2 weeks and it'll pass hopefully...

  • Sounds to me that she likes like's you and she's doing all that for your attention and if you do to much she will push you away so you will be nice to her and try to make up for what ever she said you done.. it's never ending and sounds very similar.. so from past experiences I suggest... you ask if she loves you in more than a family kinda way >_>... and I'm dead serious bro... you might not like the response... >O<'

  • Spike her drink and f**k her .. u can keep pics if you want

  • Wow this world is so f***** up

  • You know deep down she loves you. But your sister is immature. So everything is reactionary. As the comment below says, things will get better. Just need to figure out a way to make it work right now. Try to remember that when you're feeling down or something, that others are not mind readers. Just take the extra two seconds to let your sister know, it's not her you just need some "me" time. As for the friend thing, it probably hurts her when she sees her friend getting along with you and she is constantly fighting that. She could be jealous or felt threatened that her friend would like you more than her..Maybe she feels like she's in competition with you etc.. Maybe it's time for you to talk with her and let her know that you would like for you two to not fight and to get along. And maybe together you can figure out a way to communicate better with one another.

  • Talk to your parents about this. In years to come things will get better.

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