Who else love to be a bullying bystander ? :D

Don't be shy people , we are all anoymous here :D



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  • Sometimes it best not to come into it or just tell them to stop and then your part of it then.

  • I am currently watching my psycho doc as i am sure he is playing around sexually harrassing his pretty blonde receptionist who i quite like her as she is always nice to me, if she tells me he is upsetting her and playing s** games and if he tries anything with me I won't have a probs reporting him. you can tell when they are in daydream sexual fantasy mode, men are dumb players and his receptionist deserves better. she is a lovely person so if she tells me I will we will fill each other in don't worry. that would be a bit of fun cuz this old guy is so rich and needs cutting down. running late for a patient due to his s** romps is not good enough and it would be so much fun to see him caught out.

  • I have been set out against too and bullied and now I play up to some peoples wanton egos and then give a real downer too. I can remember being picked on at school and bullied for being thin and shy and these kids getting off on it and work similar and I have never witnessed what happened to me happen to another girl or woman and sure think it might help me over come stage fright, but often I leave before its all juicy and let them fight it out but i never get to hear the outcome and who got the come upance as they should. and its nice to see a guy slapped up by a prostitute for doing something bad, and thugs doing drugs and peepsing on them and tattletaling on everyone around you. its fun, tattletailing and nobbing the nobs out.

  • No I don't like seeing people being bullied in work place but I enjoy seeing a drama or more then anything is girls fighting over guys and guys fighting over girls in high performance arenas like in sport and performance careers where egos can be broken and I enjoy seeing women cluck like ducks and gossip about each other and who is the b**** and I have never seen a complete girlfight over a guy but would enjoy maybe seeing that for once with young teens against teens and models against models. but overall no I don't like seeing bullying but I do like being a bystander to drama and hype that makes me feel better about me, when I shake my head and walk away. cuz I am think "oh is he/she really worth all that for you, you go fat momma midget b**** get some kelltics and see a sea dory just go humping mania so I can get my jollies off on your act" you should be bottle necked more often so I can bystander laugh.

  • I am the king bee

  • You are the disease, the cancer of this planet

  • I was bullied starting during my first year of high school. I had friends but the queen bee turned them against me. I went from happy to lonely and sad with no friends. I withdrew. Stopped eating. Wet my bed.

  • If I was your friend at school, I would've beat the s*** out of anyone, who attempted to bully you.
    I was a lone ranger at school, but a confident one and I didn't need anyone to make me feel accepted, I accepted myself. However, I abhorred bullying and injustice. I would fight to help anyone and I still do at 32 years old, but in a different capacity lol

    Don't let anyone bully and harass you ever again, bullies are cowards and often victims of bullying themselves. It's having a sense of control and power over people. Bullies believe they have that, but sometimes their potential victims are underestimated.

    Kids can be cruel. But anyone of any age, can be just as cruel, if that's their intentions to be. Unfortunately, everyone has it in them, but not everyone is inclined to be cruel and brutal. So many factors play a part in it. But the fact remains, there's no excuse for to bullying and brutally harassing anyone!

    Sorry you went through that. But learn from those negative experiences and turn them into positive one's - ensure you never become a victim of bullying again.

  • Coward!

  • You're a true P****/coward

  • Yeah you piece of crap. Wtf is wrong with u??!!

  • Being a bystander who enjoys someones torment makes the bystander as bad as the one doing the bullying. I suggest you seek counseling and find out how to have compassion for victims.

  • I agree

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