I don't care anymore

I used to care deeply about people but I've stopped. I was trying so hard to help the world, make it a better place but whenever I got to know someone, I saw right through them. Saw right into their selfish soul. I see it differently now, it doesn't matter who does what to whom now since everyone's heart is dark underneath it all. It doesn't matter if we are all nuked because we all deserve it, the "good" are never truly good. It's nice to not care anymore, it hurt too much to actually give a damn about others.

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  • Oh same here that is why i wore my pjs to the momma yoga club yesterday.

  • You are just seeing what you already wanted to see. The problem is not the world, the problem is YOU, you have to deal with your own issues before looking at the world. Peace

  • That's right! And if a woman is raped, it's because of what she was wearing. See how your "logic" works? Peace :p

  • That op appears to have accepted their feelings, regarding their personal issues.

  • Someone ban this site and all these rant rampage and raw confessions and let us find some better confession sites the way they used to be.

  • Because nobody will fill up any new sites with the same garbage? Oh, you dear innocent thing. I'll bet you also think we'll magically become a considerate, eco-friendly species when we leave this filth-encrusted planet and go find a fresh new one, too! Bless your heart.

  • I don't care about the old banana anymore either it can go apo its log around a tree and its not be bothering me anymore. I don't care what it does it ain't gonna be in my world long cuz cops and detects will take it away in a jacketbag.

  • Its like its a virus or flu this feeling because I meet just so many people saying this for the last 20-25 years. around the time of the turn on millennium everyone got the millennium bug of "I don't give a frig anymore to anything!" but worse now.

  • Get off the Internet and stop reading about crap in the world. You'll find out that most if this crap always happened, you just didn't know about it because you didn't see it evertime you got on the Internet.

  • Guess what cupcake, the world was designed like that on purpose. You didn't think being at the top of the food chain came without any demise did you?
    Disease, famine, war, it's all designed by nature to take humans out of the top and put them on the bottom of the circle. People being greedy and jerks are just part of the whole survival of the fittest part. Humans are just another animal on this planet, but people tend to forget that or refuse to see that.

  • You know what else is designed by nature, only much more so than your example? The way babies and small children are designed. Even with the current birth rate, there should be far fewer of them running around because even the healthy ones are hellbent on self-destruction. But no, we all have to lose our f****** minds and spend a million dollars a year on some human potato who's never going to do more than slump in its wheelchair and make hooting noises. We all have to lose our f****** minds when some unattended mini-moron gets itself offed by running into the nearest body of water or mauled by a four-legged predator who's just doing what it's always done. Let some spastic "mama bear" shred my unpleasant truths, I don't care. Come on over to Bratfree and see how long you last, c***! The scales are off OUR eyes.

  • Famine and especially war isn't designed by nature, it's designed by men, horrible men.

  • You are right, war is created by people (men and women) out of corruption, glutton, murder, and greed. That is all built into human DNA by design from nature to balance out the circle of life. You can deny it if you want to, but the facts are right there on front of us and always have been.

  • There is no evidence that its built into human DNA

  • How do you explain corruption in humans than? Wake up, it doesn't take a brain scientists to know humans are corrupt. Look at history, look at what people do today, look at the prisons, look at the politicians, look at the middle East. It's in our DNA, that's why there is the saying "everyone has skeletons in their closit". There may not be scientific proof, but it's right there in front of you. All you have to do is open your eyes.

  • I agree with you to a certain extent.
    However, one just has to watch the news, learn about history, experience many situations in life - minor or not, to realise human beings on a mass scale is an abomination.

  • Understated. I am 18 and love to throw p*** parties at my home theatre when parents are out. so sexually hot stimatus goin on everywhere.

  • Same here. I know how you feel. I have been used all my life and I just tell people to f*** off now.

  • Same here.

    I work in a team when required to do so, as part of my work. But when I don't have to, I don't require peoples company and I don't seek it. I'm happier interacting less with others. But I'm also good at interacting with others, when I need to.

    In my personal life, I have less interaction with the outside world if I can help it and I'm happier that way. I come and go as I please, travelling wherever I want to and whenever I want to. I interact with loved one's only and that consists of my family. I don't trust anyone, outside of my personal circle and that's good for me.

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