I am BAD

I am bad, i know why i was 5 years old, thats ok, but today, i made a huge mistake, my fater is small business man and yesterday i withdrew 2000 bucks from his account using card. Today being first of the month he went to bank to check his pension amount and he noticed that a transaction is made and money is withdrawn from atm. i was the one who has gone out as soon as he came home yesterday and today he filed a complaint with bank manager. I am not sure whether i will be caught or not, but if this way it happens let it. I was in this situation bcause of my habits, i used to smoke and drink a lot. i spend money like anythng.My family is in great depression as we lost my brother on last year. Iam bad, i can now say i am a sinner. I dont know what happens but to some one i must say this or otherwise i may lead to anythng. i cannot tel my friends and anyother one's. but the worst part is we have taken a loan to finance my PG and now i am like this. donno what's goin 2 happen

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