Too late

By the time I saw the cat it was too late to avoid it and I ran over it in my car and killed it. It made me sick. It made me hate myself. But there wasn't anything I could have done. I feel so sad and in pain.

Apr 21, 2017

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  • I feel for you.

    Last year was a sorrowful time. I encountered a dead cat on a main road. I witnessed cars pass it by and not even stop to see if it was still alive or just even move it somewhere more dignified. It was just laid there, like a piece of discarded rubbish, instead of a once sentient creature. It deeply upset me and still does. I actually went to a supermarket and asked for a cardboard box, then returned to where the cat was and put the cat in the box. I couldn't just leave it there, for anyone to drive over it. I brought it to a cemetery and found a nice plot for it. My heart was more at ease doing something about it, I wouldn't forgive myself if I didn't.

    I also had two cats last year, that died simultaneously a week apart from each other. I'm still devastated about it, because they were both only one years old and siblings. Finding them dead in my home, broke my heart. I felt incredibly guilty and blamed myself for their deaths.

    I know my story is slightly dissimilar to yours, but I just wanted you to know, I feel your pain.

  • Thank you. I can see from your posts that you think things through very carefully, and that you brought that skill to bear on these circumstances, which is greatly appreciated. I am starting to recover from this horror, although I will admit that I never drive down that road anymore: I just can't handle the memory in that certain place. Again, thanks for the kind thoughts and words.

  • I remember sitting at the side of the road at work one night on night shift having a smoke and this cat ran in front of a car and was killed. Huge emotional impact. I felt like crap for a week. Picking it up and putting it on the grass at the side of the road. Poor thing.

    Mate I feel for you.

  • OMG, seeing it about to happen and being unable to stop it! That must have been a horrible experience. So shocking and so unpreventable. I appreciate your sharing your experience and your pain.

  • You dont need to feel bad its the ones that do that sort of s*** on purpose that do

  • Very true.

  • Thanks for writing. I've never understood how someone could do such a thing on purpose, although I realize, of course, that there are such people in the world. I just feel awful, even still, just sick to my stomach, so how someone could feel nothing is beyond me. And I can see you feel the same way.

  • Me neither

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