Too late

By the time I saw the cat it was too late to avoid it and I ran over it in my car and killed it. It made me sick. It made me hate myself. But there wasn't anything I could have done. I feel so sad and in pain.

Apr 21, 2017

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  • I feel for you.

    Last year was a sorrowful time. I encountered a dead cat on a main road. I witnessed cars pass it by and not even stop to see if it was still alive or just even move it somewhere more dignified. It was just laid there, like a piece of discarded rubbish, instead of a once sentient creature. It deeply upset me and still does. I actually went to a supermarket and asked for a cardboard box, then returned to where the cat was and put the cat in the box. I couldn't just leave it there, for anyone to drive over it. I brought it to a cemetery and found a nice plot for it. My heart was more at ease doing something about it, I wouldn't forgive myself if I didn't.

    I also had two cats last year, that died simultaneously a week apart from each other. I'm still devastated about it, because they were both only one years old and siblings. Finding them dead in my home, broke my heart. I felt incredibly guilty and blamed myself for their deaths.

    I know my story is slightly dissimilar to yours, but I just wanted you to know, I feel your pain.

  • Thank you. I can see from your posts that you think things through very carefully, and that you brought that skill to bear on these circumstances, which is greatly appreciated. I am starting to recover from this horror, although I will admit that I never drive down that road anymore: I just can't handle the memory in that certain place. Again, thanks for the kind thoughts and words.

  • That is a normal feeling I would feel that way too. I had a little cat who got run over twice and the 2nd time was the worst he never seemed to know to avoid noisey cars so I don't let my pets outside now, but I was maintaining his poor health after and he got ill and accidently made him sicker and he died and it took ages for me to not hate myself for that mistake. things happen without us being prepared sometimes. the best thing you could do is find the owner and bury the poor darling and pray and if its really effecting your driving imagine how you would feel if it had been a human child? or person. i would go have a good cry for as long as you need to and get some talking therapy from a professional. I would be broken if it was my cat or me run over.

  • Whether it's a person or cat, it would be unsettling and distressing. Human beings aren't more important than animals and vice versa. A life is a life. But I do understand your meaning. If it was a child, I
    can imagine the psychological and emotional devastation it would cause the Childs family, aswell as the person who drove over them.

    You seem like a caring, compassionate, empathetic and considerate person, good on you. Sometimes these qualities in a person, is rare to find.

  • It's so kind of you to be so understanding and sympathetic. Thank you for that. I actually have cried, several times already. We had two cats (in sequence) when I was a child growing up, so maybe I have a greater sensitivity to their loss than someone else might, though you seem very aware of the feeling. It's been a month already, a MONTH, and I'm still sickened by what I did. Again, I'm very grateful for your support and encouragement.

  • Time is irrelevant. Just ride out the process, until you heal and feel better within yourself. These feelings will eventually get easier and less painful. Sometimes all you can do, is let nature take its course and that includes patience/no time restraints. Don't put unnecessary pressure on yourself, to get over it quick. Time is what you need and you have it in abundance.

  • Thank you very much.

  • I remember sitting at the side of the road at work one night on night shift having a smoke and this cat ran in front of a car and was killed. Huge emotional impact. I felt like crap for a week. Picking it up and putting it on the grass at the side of the road. Poor thing.

    Mate I feel for you.

  • OMG, seeing it about to happen and being unable to stop it! That must have been a horrible experience. So shocking and so unpreventable. I appreciate your sharing your experience and your pain.

  • You dont need to feel bad its the ones that do that sort of s*** on purpose that do

  • Very true.

  • Thanks for writing. I've never understood how someone could do such a thing on purpose, although I realize, of course, that there are such people in the world. I just feel awful, even still, just sick to my stomach, so how someone could feel nothing is beyond me. And I can see you feel the same way.

  • Me neither

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