I took a dump in my employers garden

I work for rich family who are very racist and mean. I'm there gardener. They pay me nothing, yell at me and say they will have me sent back to my country, even though i'm an American and speak good english. They make fun of me for being fat and call me racist names.like (speedy gonzales) So yesterday I was working in the garden. My stomach really hurt and I had been farting and pooting non-stop all afternoon and creating a cloud of poisonous gas all around me that could kill all the plants. This gave me an idea. I waited till my j*** boss and his prissy wife went off to work. Then I waited till I thought no one was looking. Then I pulled my pants down squatted my fat ass down, and pushed out a big smelly dump right in there garden. It was a huge pile, the aftermath of my meal of chile con carne. It stunk sooo damn bad. I just stood and looked at the poo pile I made. A nice pile of brown to compliment the lady of the houses pretty pink flowers. I left it there and they found it, and of course were really mad. They thought a dog did it. I thought it was funny, so another day I decided to do it again. I wait till they went to work again, and since I was pooting alot as I normally do, I knew I needed to dump. So I pulled down my pants and fertilized the plants again But then some people walked by and saw me. They yelled ew! Are you poo pooing? I freaked and pulled my pants up. I saw them with their phones out and wondered how much of my huge ass was caught on camera. Now i'm afraid this is gonna be on youtube!

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