Why does abuse turn me on?

(24,f). I heard specific details about the sexual abuse of a girl on t.v recently. It made me want to throw up and I tried very hard not to think about it, but it also made me feel flushed and turned on. I let myself think about it just now while my husband was eating my p****, and I came harder than I have in months. I'm kind of ashamed and wondering WhY what makes me so sick also makes me so h****.

Oct 16, 2018

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  • It’s because it’s so wrong. It’s exciting u have taboo thoughts.

  • This is the wrong place to ask that sort of question. This site is full of paedos

  • Why

  • It's ok you just like being abused, the feeling of have involuntary o******, being helpless, alot of people have the same fantasy, you're submissive that's all.

  • Any one into knickers and sniffing them.

  • Yes had a laugh with her about how quick girls grow up my daughter was the same.

  • I'm into bdsm kink with my wonderful dom husband master. Now we had previously talked about the following activity so it was not totally rape but very exciting. He blind folded and gagged me and took my clothes off and tied me spread eagle. Random people groped me, touched me which was really challenging. At times I was totally freaking out and scared. I lost count. Lots of people ducked me. Finally I felt his cheek against mine and his calming voice and it was over. I was totally freaked for months and we argued and fought and hugged but now I'm beginning to want to try something like that again. By the way I found out after he'd been right there the whole time and made sure I was safe and the guys wore condoms. So even though it was scary it was nothing like the evil that is rape.

  • Hmmm.....i get aroused when some one gangraped for couple of months or days. I oftenly think how wise of those people who captures their victim because they know they will hungry again and they have to look for food . So they keep her all day night whosoever wants c** in and the loop goes on. I strongly believe woman should be f***** and all their clothes should be taken away...Amen

  • My 11 year old daughter masterbates in front off me...

  • Mine does the same,she has her o***** sometimes,I got so turned on one day,there was just the two of us ,that I took my hard c*** out and masturbated she was staring at my c*** she was really turned on next thing she had her o***** and I shot my load

  • Does she make much noise when she o******?

  • Good for her let her be.

  • My wife spanked her though...

  • Does she know she's doing it?

  • I'm glad to realizenot all 24 year olds are like this.

  • Rape is so much fun comparitively to s**. I fantatize about hiding in bushes and attack a school girl. Kissing her hard while my finger in her vag

  • When I was in junior high, by bestie shared with me that she was being raped by her dad. She made me promise not to tell so I didn't. She just wanted someone to talk to. Initially I felt sick and sad all at the same time. We stayed friends and she would come to me and we would hug and cry but I found myself being jealous. How bad is that. I started to fantasise about being raped. Sometimes by her dad and sometimes by my dad. I'm so f***** up hey.

  • We had a bbq last summer and after it had finished me and my with open the bedroom windows as it was so hot. And could hear a young voice saying f*** me f*** me we looked out the window and it was or youngest daughter bent over the garden table I was going to call out. To her but my wife put my hand on my mouth and we watched it omg what a turn on my with was lovein it.

  • Who f***** her? and how old is she?

  • Her boyfriend she is 17 we both watched her beg to be f***** harder

  • Was she naked?

  • No she just had a little vest top on and she was moanin yes yes f*** f*** I was shocked at the filthy words coming out of her mouth.

  • I like to watch mine she is so hot!!
    16 and the hottest girl ever I would love to have her, I would finish with wife in a heart beat to be with her!!

  • Lol so sexy at a young age nowadays why me and my wife found it h**** I don’t know but watching him grab her young firm t***.

  • I do everything I can to see mine she has a great ass, small fantastic t***, I've seen her naked loads! And always get an instant h******! I plan on getting with her.
    What about you?

  • Lol I don’t wanna get with her but it was h**** watching her get f*****. What age was she when u first started looking lol

  • As soon as her t*** and pubes came along

  • Lol and what age was that.

  • Sounds to me like you like it! If you enjoyed seeing you daughter f******, your not telling me you didn't want to do it to her a little??

  • Her friends yes maybe f*** them. Hard not to notice them not my own daughters

  • Mine is my step daughter, and I don't just want to have s** with her, I want to be with her any suggestions?

  • No sorry but horney to talk about it

  • Do you want to f*** one of your daughters friends then?

  • Yes at the bbq tiny little skirts on on had no bra tight young bums lovely legs freash faces.

  • I used to dry hump her and make out it was a game I made her come a couple of times anything like that?

  • No never done that lol if I had a 17 rubbing up against me I’d have my hands in her knickers

  • I have touched all her body in different ways , I've held her fantastic t*** even rubbed her p**** some what.
    Does your wife get h**** watching your daughter?

  • How did you get to touch her t*** and p****. Yes I think my wife likes a young body always saying to me omg look at the little knickers she wears.

  • All kinds of ways, massage, tickling games, in the pool, sitting watching movies and just keep moving my hand until it's on or in.
    Does you wife want to do anything to your daughter or her friends?

  • Omg what do you mean on or in lol how old was she when u touched her up

  • Does it matter?

  • Yes we’ll as long as she was legal age don’t won’t u slipping your hands in her school knickers

  • Anyway, does your wife want to do anything with daughter or her friends or even the boyfriend?

  • I really don’t know to be honest I think she would like a woman to play with a young one

  • Is she with you now?

  • She’s in the kitchen doing washing

  • Would she be willing to talk too?

  • U wanna talk to her about sniffing her little girls knickers

  • Yes we can compare stories

  • Is this the wife?

  • Yes I’m the wife what do u wanna talk about my daughter little knickers omg.

  • Do you sniff them?

  • I love sniffing little girls smelly panties pee and c** stains turns any guy on

  • What age turn you on the most when u sniff them

  • All ages, yourself?

  • Well I like a c*** smell not wee lol

  • I like both and love to drink both when ever possible drank my friends daughter recently, is was awesome

  • Omg how did u get to drink her wee lol how olds she.

  • Nearly twelve, I gave her oral a few times, when she said she needed a wee so drank that as well!
    She really hot!!!

  • Omg 12 that’s bad. I like to keep it legal with sum form on the body.

  • She has a little bit of hair, beautiful little buds, fantastic little round ass, which also taste great and has amazing o******

  • I just shot my load reading this

  • What part of this mad you c** hard

  • By the way no I've not stopped seeing her and don't intend too!

  • Lol ok I was at a job today and a young girl answered the door half asleep in a short nighty

  • What did you think?

  • I thought about what u said about how tight there c**** are as I watched her walk back up stairs

  • And then what? You got excited didn't you?

  • If I’m honest yes I did felt bad for it.

  • So as you being honest, did you masturbation, about her later?

  • No but I did wonder what her c*** would taste like omg

  • Unbelievable! As mine does! Did you keep checking her out through the day?

  • Yes she came down and mad breakfast as I was working and she made me a cup of tea.

  • Well, describe her!?

  • Just skinny with fair hair long blue eyes and a pretty face.

  • Did she have buds? A nice ass?
    And truthfully did you want to?

  • No as I said I’d only go with a legal age. But when I look at her from behind I wanted to see more I kept thinking about what u said. Weird lol

  • It's not weird! You wanted her if you kept looking! And it sounds like she wanted you!

  • Lol how did it sound like she wanted me. ?

  • She answered the door, in her nightie, she could have got dressed? But instead she wanted you tried po see her!
    I garauntee she bent over so you could see her ass?

  • I did see her bum for about 2 seconds

  • And what did you think?

  • How little and round it was

  • Did you want to touch it?

  • Yes

  • Did she wear pants?

  • No she never.

  • She hadn't got panties on and wanted you to look! You wanted to touch her!
    Have you got to go back to that house at all?

  • Lol I don’t think she wants me to look. Yes I have to go back. To do some work in the loft.

  • Then that is your chance! Was anyone else around?

  • Her mum was there the whole time I was working

  • Was you left alone at any time?

  • Yes when her mum answered the phone.

  • That's when you will have a chance Ty o ask her out!
    Or if you are feeling more adventurous?

  • Lol I would not ask her out she’s way to young lol feel adventurous and do what grab her c*** and rub it. Lol no way.

  • You clearly want her! You only mentioned the mum as a passing thought!
    If she looked that way and was older would you?

  • If she was legal age I would have flirted like mad with her she will be super sexy in a few years

  • Then you have answered the question you want to!
    I've got to meet my young lover now talk soon

  • Lol stop telling me what I want. She was a pretty young girl but I would never cross the line as in doing anything as I said legal only.

  • But she did have a nice bum lol

  • How's it going I hope you have something good to say

  • What do you call good.

  • What's happened?

  • Nuffin has happened lol what’s happening in your day. ?

  • You went to the girls house and nothing happened?

  • Yes she was in her bedroom. I was on the landing I said had hello to her and that was it.

  • Hopefully you may get another chance to see her? Then you can make something happen?

  • What would you do. I did see her knickers in the wash bin in her bathroom

  • Sniff them! Did you feel like you wanted to?
    The smell would be out of this world!

  • What the smell of her young c***. Omg. I was going to grab them and sniff them I got really turned on

  • Like I said the smell is out of this world!!
    Just imagine what her p**** would smell and taste like?

  • Yes all soft and fresh little pink lips

  • She was in her bedroom you say, wearing what? And I'm guessing sitting on the bed?

  • She was on the bed in her school uniform doing her homework her mum said you’re not going out till she has done it lol. I thought ov when I was a teenager

  • Do you have to go back to the house for anything else?

  • Not unless the mum asks me.

  • Was there anything between you and the mum?

  • Yes had a laugh with her about how fast they grow up and wanna dress older when they go out my daughter was the same.

  • To see!

  • Omg stop it

  • I can go in to detail if you want?

  • What details?

  • Do you want to know?

  • Yes what details

  • After I drank her I was super hard, so I had to have her I gently got one finger in and rubbed up on her g-spot while with the other hand slowly rubbing her c*******

  • I do like to see a perfect round bum

  • She has got just that!
    With some help from lube, I started to push my self inside her, she was so unbelievably tight and the faces and moans

  • I also like a pretty face.

  • Who doesn't, take it you fancy mine now?

  • Fancy your what lol ido like a face with no makeup

  • My secret lover, we had s** 4 times that night! Every time I shot my load in her

  • As I said I’d have to keep it legal but some of them teens are hot to oil at

  • She is that, planning on taking her dog for a walk, meet at the woods and we are going to do it!

  • I can’t believe she’s havening s** that young and she’s ur friends daughter

  • Great isn't it! She really enjoys it too!

  • Didn’t ur friend notice you looking at her.

  • No I don't think so?

  • So how long you bin checking her little bum out from what age

  • Sorry mate got go meet her now speak more later

  • I’d not meet her she’s way to young.

  • Do you want to hear what happened?

  • Well I hope you sent her home

  • Why?

  • Well done I take it u done the right thing and found a legal aged girl

  • Well lol because she’s to young to be having s** with any one. Plenty of time for that when she’s older

  • I have done bad I know

  • Sorry so long I had to watch mine shower that means clothes of and alot of naked, mines knickers are very wet at times and they smell and taste divine! How about yours?

  • I only done it a couple of times when we was in Spain her and her friend was doing a dance routine to win a prize and my daughter and her friend kept saying how hot and sweaty they was and I kept thinking about there c****.

  • My smelt sweat and gave me an instant h******! How did yours smell, did you smell her friends and did it make you wet?

  • Yes it did. Her friend is pretty I rubbed her little dirty knickers all over my face

  • I bet your wet now? I know I'm hard!!

  • Yes I often think about her juicey little knickers what knickers did ur daughter wear.

  • Red skimpy Thongs I'm smelling some right now! Stroking my c*** ginger a pair of BB hers

  • ??? Ginger bb hers ?

  • Sorry that came out wrong go get a pair of your daughter to

  • I can’t sorry only or youngest lives here now our older daughter is at College. So no dirty knickers

  • I'm a college girl, would you like a pair of my panties?

  • How old ru and what do u look like

  • I'm 24 AAf, skinny petite build and I'm the OP

  • Op??

  • Original poster

  • And what knickers do u wear is ur c*** bald

  • OK will have to talk later someone at my door

  • Ok I’m soaked wet now ?? And u gone lol

  • She's is having a shower as we speak now! She so f****** hot!!

  • Not at all its very common, do you still fantasize about it?

  • Yes. It's weird. It's like quite specific the abuse that I fantasize about. When one hears about most abuse there is other factors like physical abuse beating up and starving and so on and also yelling and if I hear any of that I just feel so so sorry for the person. I guess I have over analysed myself in my head and actually felt totally messed up in my own head.

    It seems that what turns me on is when the victim is abused by someone who loves them and they love back. That they are basically well cared for. So a person being physically punished in an otherwise caring family or school turns me on. But not a person being beaten and being kind of trapped in an abusive situation. yes I know the child being raped is an abusive situation in its self but I guess where that is the only abuse.

    I confess that I have talked to my husband and told him a bit of this. More that I get turned on if he just forces me to have s**. But is willing to stop if I tell him I am feeling sick or have a headache so that means he loves me and I am secure but also unless I am feeling sick then he gets to be a bit rough and forceful and I have to take it. I get very aroused but usually don't reach o*****. After he is done I use the vibrator to finish off.

    Pretty f***** up and all hey.

  • Depends what abuse it was. That u like spanking etc. ?

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