Need to be Shameless

I dont do things I like because of what others may think

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  • Loved one's are important, especially if you have loving and supportive people in your life. Anyone outside of your circle of loved one's - are irrelevant.

    Just be you and accept yourself, that's all you can do :)

  • Hmmm you are saying that but you probably do. To reach a point where you TRULY TRULY do not care about the opinion of others it takes maturity and spiritual growing. You are probably mistaking being a stupid spoiled child with spiritual freedom where you dont care about the opinion of others because you respect them and you respect yourself, as I said being a spoiled brat is not the same as reaching that spiritual maturity, sorry but you need to grow up

  • Being a spoiled brat has nothing to do with having the courage of looking at your life and deciding to do what works for you irregardless of what others think. I agree getting to that point takes maturity and growth on a spiritual level. But calling someone a spoiled brat without knowing the situation is immature of you. You too can grow up

  • Maybe you need to allow yourself the freedom of getting what you really need. I wish I was a selfish beautiful blonde b**** who had massive confidence and i have gone through more bad things that most b****** who have attacked me for a guys love. I could be a monster b**** if I had the guts and confidence to get away with bashing and attacking girls. but my conscience rarely allows me to be a b****, yet i meet all these bitchy violent abusive women who find all the excuses to abuse and be violent. i am now 46 and never had a boyfriend or baby or job and i am sick of being treated like my romantic life doesn't matter to anyone, that me not having a baby is not hurting and killing me. because it is killing me. the pain is all in my heart. and I can't let it out and I want to be a b**** and copy all the bitchy things women and men have done to me, occasionally I do. but i need to do it a lot lot lot more. if i want to marry or no one is going to care that i was rejected and not allowed a baby and repeated abused by BO/Dav.

  • Yeah, you sound exactly like the kind of person who should be reproducing. Keep your mental instability to yourself!

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