A Love that can never be.

I have a huge crush person, so I'm going to refer to this person as X. I see X everyday, and every time I see X, my heart can't help but to skip a beat. We are average friends and we play around everyday, but only as friends. I love to see X's smile and X has the most beautiful eyes that I'm just drawn too. Most of all, X has one of the best personalities that I've ever meet in my life. I like X a lot, but I doubt X even knows. If X and I ever got together, then it would mean that I could never accomplish my dream job. Our relationship would only complicate everything in my life and I can't let that happen. But I still love X. I just feel so lost, and I feel as though I'm drifting through space when I think of losing X. X and I are never going to see each other again after a few months. I've never felt so sad and empty because of a crush before.

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  • Why won't you see X in a few months? Move, leaving job?
    X adores you too most liked likely

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