Fat wife never gets naked

My wife is 5'6" and weights about 215 pounds.she never gets naked around me even if I want her to. when we have s** she has to have the lights out . I tell her she looks great but she don't believe me. we have s** only every other month. I love seeing her naked but her biggest thing is if anybody would ever see her naked she would die.i have taken some pics of her without her knowing and posted them on a site and a lot of guys love seeing her naked. I got a spy cam. and put it in the bathroom the only place she gets naked. this turns me on and makes up for her not getting naked around me. she has the best set of legs I have seen and have told her that but she still don't get naked. love her to walk around naked but she hates the idea.

Apr 25, 2017

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  • I would find someone else. Who wants a fat, disgusting, mentally weak blob? That does not sound sexy to me. Tell her to push away the food. Absolutely gross.

  • Looks like you're in the minority. OP and lots of actual men out there think she's hot. She's got her issues because backbirths like you just have to flap their pie holes. Stay in mommy's basement and think about what you've done.

  • Many women are prone to body image issues. It sad for her that she is having an issue with being seen nude in her own house by her husband that is very attracted and appreciates her.
    I figured you would get some salty responses about taking secret pics. Quite frankly I can understand why you did. Now that you have. Be careful about getting caught with them as there is usually a s*** storm in your future if you do get busted.

  • My wife think she is fat also but my mates are always joking with her saying they would love to hold onto her love handles and are always complimenting her sizeBut thankfully she does get naked

  • I'm a fat woman, my t*** are 42gg and have a big belly and a***. My husband loves me walking around naked, so when our son goes to school, I'm stripped and do house work naked and it always ends up with him f****** me.
    He wants me to do this when his friend comes around on a Saturday evening but I'm nervous as I know they will both f*** me. It has been on my mind and I think I'd like to see how it goes

  • You sound so f****** sexy! I'm 27 and love mature women, especially chubbier and bigger. I love seeing their fat rolls wave up and down as I plough them hard! I want to get lost between your t***!

  • You're a f***** piece of s*** for betraying your wife's trust like that

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