I don't think they will ever understand me. There's a lot they don't know, there's a lot I didn't tell, and there's a lot I won't tell. I'm conservative about my private life. I can't bare people who violate my privacy because it makes me feel unsafe and insecure.

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  • It isn't about people understanding you it's about people watning to help you even when they don't understand

  • As long as you understand yourself or believe you do, then others understanding you or misunderstanding - doesn't matter.
    The only time your character, behaviour, knowledge and words need understanding - is when you're seeking a job, achieving qualifications, if you're on trial, meeting future-in-laws and when teaching children morals/values :) Just my opinion and not based on facts.

  • Good opinion :)

  • Point made, confession noted and read. Now f****** off!

  • Don't worry , as long as there is safety and consesnuality , and discrection , nudity is always ok , even in public :D

  • F****** idiot! You have s** on the brain, this confession isn't about s**!

  • You're way off! This has nothing to do with list. Smh

  • L*** *

  • You're way off! This has nothing to do with l u s t . Smh

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