Punished at 18

I turned 18 in September of my senior year and wanted to be considred cool and would do stupid things i thought would make people like me. I was well known as a virgen, geek & nerd who never had a date or got invitated to partys and made choices that ended up being really embarrassing.

During that fall i had been allowed to drive at night on a strict schedule. I drove two couples (including a girl i had a crush on and her boyfriend) around and handled the dilemma of being over a half hour late by stopping home to ask for permission to stay out later that i should have known i'd never get, not thinking that i didn't have permission to have others in the car bringing them all inside with me thinking my parents would think they were my friends. The result was my stepdad getting angry and calling me out for curfew and driving them and me being defiant and evading him for a few seconds when he said to give him the keys then being caught by him yelled at and then he physicaly punished me in front of them. He drove them to their party and talked to them about me and everyone at school found out about it.

Two months later I was caught shoplifting a can of beer. I got released to my parents and my stepdad got them dropped but i had to pay him back for $250 restitution and was grounded to my doorless room for 3 months. They hired a neighbor my age watch over me when they went out and also for two full weekends they went away that i had to pay $10 an hour for 106 hours he babysat. I dealt with it even though it was humiliating,, and he was ok to me mostly but there were some very difficult moments.

i also Had to work off my debt at $1.50 per hour so it took me almost 7 months to work off over 800 hours mostly cleaning in the house over and over. He threatened to put me on grounded restriction again if i didnt get 25 hours done each week. I thought working over 6 hours to pay for one hour was so unfair and said so a couple of times, but got shut down and had my face rubbed in it and i obeyed him again very quickly.

I learned my lessons and once i got it done they were proud and i never got in trouble again but have lived a very meek life and people still remember what happened. i am still very embarrassed about it. I am almost 34 and still live at home. My younger sister and brother are both successful, married with kids which i should be but I rent a basement room from my parents have a dead end job and still do chores for them.


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  • Slowly let the air out of there car tires rotating counter clockwise every couple days on the tires that'll get them. You have to regain yourself. You did stupid things to get people to like you and your parents crushed it. Now you do stupid things to just get at them. Start with there car's a banana in the muffler hole is timeless

  • I love that some parents are so controlling. My parents were totally not like that. I though now get turned on by the power side of it and spanking and all that. I did have a girlfriend when I was 18 and she was 17 and in final year high school. We went out one night and she left her sweater in my car and I only realised after she had gone inside. I went up to the front door to give it back as the lights were still on inside. I could hear her being paddled. the whack of the paddle and her crying and saying she was sorry. When it was done I snuck off quietly. We met up the next day and she said nothing so I brought it up. She was mega embarassed. She showed me the bruises. Wow her whole bum was a sort of brown purple color. I was shocked and excited at the same time and at that time was kind of disgusted with myself for being so excited about it. Now it's just a fond memory.

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