I need some guidance

I'm an 18 year old girl. I live in a toxic environment. A narcissistic and incredi selfish mom, a stepdad that couldn't give two ** about me, and two half younger brothers, along with one older brother. I've pretty much become the parent for the two younger brothers, but they have no respect for me sinde their stepdad tells them things to go against me. It's a frustrating situation because I hate seeing how neglectful my parents are to my younger brothers, the same way they were to me and my older brother. They take advantage of me, and purposely keep me awah from opportunities so I can take care of their children... I don't know what to do. There's no money for college (I have a job for that now) and I was too busy looking after my brothers to take the placement test so I feel screwed right now. My parents are basically saying F you to me, and they act even worse to my older brother. My older brother suggested to me today for us to move in with some of his friends, but we would have to share a room and all of our money would go to living there. I would have to work all the time just to live somewhere I wouldn't even be in half of the time. It makes no sense to me.. I want to find a companion to hike the world with, but even that is difficult. Does anyone here have experience with that that could give me tips? Any advice at all? I need to leave here.

Jun 16, 2015

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  • I wish I could help you. My girlfriend moved here really without even waiting for me to decide if it was the right move. She brought her 15 year old daughter and 6 year old son with her. She is 13 years older than me and I am closer to her daughter's age. We live in a small house and so my girlfriends daughter has to deal with her 2 brothers quite a bit more than she would like. And we probably take advantage of her being here more than we should. She recently got a job working for Yellowstone national park she gets to love there in the mountains. I miss her unbearably but over the years I think I fell in love with her I know it's ** up and is destroying me but any way that's my own ** lol. My advise is look into national park jobs I don't know if you live near one but many have housing right there in the beautiful mountains and you would be paid plus get to be out of that situation I know it is weird of me but if you want to talk my email is tacobravo@mail.com no pressure no worries hope you find what you are looking for. Be happy :)

  • Mothers are weird. My mom made me stand in front of my boyfriend and strip to my bra and knickers and then said thats as far as it ever goes until you are married. I was so humiliated. Needless to say pretty messed up.

  • I would love to. Too old though i guess as I am 50. I would say pack some clothes and just hitch down town and spend a night at a youth hostel. Like a day away from home. Talk to the other people there about where you can get a job. I think one thing you need to learn to survive hiking is how to quickly get a job that only lasts a day or maybe a week. Once you get that then you can travel quite cheap

  • Just want to say you are not alone in having a narcissistic mother. Mine was so controlling of everything in my life. She picked my clothes every day until I was second year college. At 20 I still had to ask her permission to go out. Maybe that's why now I come to web sites like this

  • Marry a wealthy man

  • Join the Military they will be your family and have your back!

  • 18 years old? You have options, but being that you do not have supportive parents, your options will be a little more challenging. The army is one choice, but there are other armed forces. Think about it, you can learn a trade, cooking, office, accounting, and much more. If you are planning to be in the armed forces for a year, look for something that can give you a career after you get out. $ years of the armed services and you are out with a career.
    Or you may choose to go to college. See a counselor. But you need to know what you want to study. No choice you make will be easy. You have to choose your hardship, but the hardship of staying with your parents is a ** option.

  • You and your brother should both leave. And if living with your brother can get you out of that situation, all the better. It may be challenging, but it may be a better situation for the both of you. Maybe look into getting a second job. If it means getting out of your parents house and the situation you're in, you have to do what you have to do. You mention placement tests, call up your local community college and speak with a counselor. Find out if you even have to take them. You probably can take classes anyway. Traveling the world would be great, but it does cost money. Maybe look into a teaching english -find out if you need a degree to do that or just pass TEFL and/or study abroad program. Look into trade schools and financial aid. Even the army (as the other commenter) suggested may be an option.

  • Join the army

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