Naughty posing

We'd gone out for a drink in the country when a couple of my husband's mates turned up surprised seeing us not in one of our usual pub’s but Stuart (my husband) surprised even me saying we're going to the local disused sand quarry so he could take some photos of me posing in my shorty nightie and sexy undies which was all I'd got on under my coat. Obviously I was dead embarrassed with them both of them asking for a flash. Not for 1 min did I think Stuart would take it any further but actually invited them to come along. Although both of us get a kick out of me flashing when we're out which always ending up with a great night of s** when we get home particularly Stuart fantasising what could happen, but now here I am faced by two guys wanting to watch me posing. At first I said definitely no because I am to fat and being in my mid 30s with the guys in their early 20s, but they quickly said they preferred my type of woman to the "p**** teaser's" they get nowadays along with more flirting and pressure of them all eventually I gave in on condition that it didn't lead to anything else.
They followed in their car, on the short drive I told Stuart I couldn't believe what he'd persuaded me to do but secretly I was actually getting the usual exciting butterflies in my stomach like I do when I go flashing. Within minutes we were pulling off the main road leading to the old quarry. Finding a secluded corner, first of all Stuart laid out the blanket making sure nobody could stumble finding me posing, mind you that's one of the exciting things we like is the chance of me being caught but this was different because I have a ready-made audience.
The initial start was dead embarrassing knowing I only have this coat on over my nightie and undies. By now Stuart was asking me to put them out of their waiting and let him take some picky's because that's the reason we're there. Standing there unbuttoning my coat was nerve wracking but at the same time exciting. Slipping my coat of my shoulders, standing just in my nightie which only just covered my knickers, suspender belt, stockings, G–String knickers, and lacy bra. Although I'm chubby I get raunchy comments whenever I go flashing and these two were just as brazen with their cheek. Next to go was my nightie. Then he got me to pose in different positions still with my undies on though. I will admit I was myself getting more daring particularly when I was told to bend over and give them a sexy look. This is when the turning point came because both of them were getting bolder saying what a pity I was still wearing pants and Stuart was no better because he actually said what a great picture it would be if one of them was pulling down my knickers as he took the next picture. I was really worked up myself and although I had said that nothing else would happen because of the age difference. Because I actually invited them both to join me while Stuart took more pictures. I can't describe the feeling as both guys came across. Obviously at this point I knew what would be happening and I wasn't disappointed. First to go was, my bra followed by my knickers but they asked if I would keep my suspender belt and stockings on because they'd never seen a woman before in one except for pictures. By this time I was ready for anything I will admit and told Stuart to keep clicking away if it was okay with the guys. They were definitely game because this is one of Stuarts fantasies about to come true. I told the guys I was all theirs anyway they wanted. At first they couldn't believe what I was saying but it was Stuart who reassured them that he didn't mind. At first they were unsure what to do but after one of them started groping my t*** and me feeling both of them unzipping their trousers with Stuart getting me to kneel down and to start to give them both a b******* because that would give a great picture. This was the moment they realised I wasn't going to stop them, mind you I wasn't disappointed either because both guys although they weren't circumcised they had rock hard D**** about 8 inches long. I can't describe the feeling as I was kneeling naked sucking on both of them with each of them holding on to my head and caressing my top half. Within a few minutes I could taste the pre–c** of one of them and I hadn't even felt either of them between my legs. I felt like a proper tart and I wasn't going to disappoint them asking them which way they wanted me, but Stuart again butted in telling them I was always on about wanting it rough but didn't dare ask and he was going to take a walk to make sure nobody was coming. As soon as he went out of view they literally pounced telling me to get on all fours like a dog because they were going to give me something to remember them by. Between them the forplay although very rough was dammed intense and mauling my t*** very roughly pulling my nipples at the same time. They were making fun out of slapping my bottom and very roughly fingering my F**** calling me a s***, tart etc. By now I had already had a couple of o******. It was about now that they dropped the bombshell by telling me that Stuart had instigated it all meeting us at the pub and they were more than willing to go along with the acting, but now this was reality at the same time ordering me to stay on all fours because it is time for their fun one of them kneeling behind me taking me doggy fashion pulling out and shooting all over my head and the other guy making fun of my belly hanging and t*** swinging then very slowly but deliberately pushing into my actual bottom going faster with each push until I could actually feel him holding tight on my shoulders shooting his load into my bottom pulling out afterwards both of them now calling me their b**** and ordering me to lick their d***'s clean actually calling to Stuart that they have finished for now. So me the only one naked sitting there watching Stuart describing he had seen everything and actually inviting them to come back to our house another time if they wanted more which obviously they said yes. This confession is completely true

May 15, 2017

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  • My best friend David asked me at the bar we go to if I found his wife attractive. She is around 5'3" and probably 180 pounds, so she is a big gal.
    Of course I told him yes, she is a nice gal, always smiling and laughing.
    Then he asked me if I wanted to f*** her, a surprise.
    We ended up agreeing, then went to his house. We walked in, he told his wife she had brought her a toy, she looked at me and laughed.
    "About time, Gary, I wondered when it would be you."
    I will say this, there is NOTHING wrong with fat girls!

  • Hi, I'd love my wife to be a fat stag. She is a good f*** but not experimental because she is Chubby. I have shown her your post and hope it inspires her to f*** other men as I watch

  • Yes I must admit I suppose I am a "fat s***" that is one of the many things I am told I am particular off those two guys nowadays when we meet but even so I still am surprised at Stuarts offerin ME to other guys (does that sound real common?

  • It was my husband who replied to your post and called you a fat stag. He calls me me his lovely fat stag, since he caught me f****** someone at a party a couple of years ago. I was in the garden bent over a table getting f***** with my big t*** swinging, he watched but didn't say anything until we got home. He took me into the garden and f***** me the same way, calling me a fat stag. Since then I have f***** 20 men as he watches and joins in. For his 40th I had 4 men, he loved it and so did I x

  • My wife's not fat but a slim 53 year old and although she doesn't f*** "friends" it's young strangers only she often says afterwards "wow I didn't expect that" which is a lie because that's exactly what she did expect,want and need,guess it's just her way of being coy after taking a young stranger(or two) big c*** hard n rough in front of me

  • I have read many of your confessions and you always say that you are surprised by Stuart telling other men that they can f*** you. This happens on a regular basis, so why are you surprised.
    You are just a fat stag who lickes being f*****. My wife is the same and I love it, so keep up the good work x

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