“If you could swap genders, what would be the first thing you do?”

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  • I wouldn't stop playing with my new t*i*t*s

  • You can't only SWAP genders because there are WAY WAY WAY more than just two! Bigots!! I'm triggered!!! And offended!!!! I'm gonna doxx all of you now!!!!! jl;adsjf;djf;skfj

    --Site-Policing SJW

  • 3 c**** at once.

  • Get g*********

  • Could I swap genders after worlds if so then I would become the biggest s*** have an orgy with heaps of guys and make some p*** vids I would do tons of kinky s*** like dress up like animals for guys become a stripper and do all kinds of naughty s*** it’d be great but if I can’t swap genders again I will stay a guy

  • Id be a dirty little c*m sl*t.

  • No. I never want to be a woman. Some guys will instantly say yes so they can check out owning b****** and internal genitals. But what could go with it is cramps, headaches, menstruating, moody, PMS raging... I watched my wife go through pregnancy. What you are before and what you are after... not as desirable as you think.

  • Louder for the guys who are just oh so convinced they're women "on the inside." They wouldn't last a month as a REAL woman. There's a lot more to it than just putting on a dress and acting like a half-fierce half-fragile b****.

  • Not swap genders

  • Shove my d*** in your mouth!

  • I would divorce my wife and find a real man that wants to have s** with me and try some fetish, bondage and be a little wild.

  • I would order the complete set of HRT's to make the change I desire come true for me.

  • "I could never be a woman, 'cause I'd just stay home and play with my b****** all day." Harris Telemacher; L.A. Story (1991)

  • I do understand why women cant be openly s****, because its a matter of reputation and thats critical for woman in order to get a better man in life, which is a concept that many guys cant understand. However I would dress sexy and see how it feels to get lots of attention. I wouldnt f*** any guy, h*** no! I dont want to know how it feels to get pounded, but the attention yes Id be curious

  • Why would a woman and a man want to be open about their sexual deviances and dalliances anyway? What happened to being discreet and private about one's s** life? People will only judge you regarding your sexual history, if you tell them! So don't f****** tell a soul, simple as that!

  • Get myself some free drinks!

  • Sterotypical

  • Soo true

  • Soo stereotypical

  • Love it!!! YES!!!

  • To be a girl I would suck and get on my hands and knees and have him do both my slit and my hole while I take all I can suck in my mouth while my mother in laws licks my slit clean when I was done

  • I would love to change and be a hot female like my wife. Then I would have the most powerful thing in mankind. Power of the p uss.

  • M*********

  • Kill myself.

  • Kill you.

  • Marry Steven

  • I'm a guy. I'd dress up as a girl in a short skirt and high heels and end up looking like a trannie.

  • I'm a female and wouldn't want to be male. However, I would like to be physically strong like one. I'm already a physically strong woman, due to my strong gene pool. But it doesn't surpass the natural strength of males. However, within both genders you physically strong and weak individuals :)

  • You are weak dont kid yourself

  • You're illiterate and clearly a degenerate!
    Don't offer your stupid opinions, no one wants to know!

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