Transgender isn't a thing

There are only 2 genders m************

Apr 1

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  • LOL die mad, bigot. Ur such a snowflake, u can't handle people being cooler than u in multiple genders. Trans ppl r very cool and hot and friends :)

  • Mmm, that's not what I had your mother sayin last night, f*****.

  • Its a mental illness

  • Where did this disease came from ?

  • If transgender wasn’t a thing then why are you talking about something that doesn’t exist? If it didn’t exist than you wouldn’t be talking about it lmao.

  • Thats dumb af unicorns don't exist but I'm still talking about this imaginary animal

  • I don’t see how this is a confession...

  • That's because it's not a confession AT ALL. It's a declaratory statement designed to provoke the opposition to respond in outrage, or otherwise in ways that the O.P. can then attack. I believe it's called "trolling". Feigned principles/morals/ /standards.

  • I made a comment on Facebook about there being only two genders and I stated that I hate queers, lesbians and the rest the weirdos .
    My post was deemed disrespectful and subsequently removed !
    F*** you Facebook.
    Politically correct w ankers.

  • It’s not being “politically correct” it’s called respecting other people.

  • F*** off !
    I respect normal people of BOTH genders.
    I don't respect people with overactive imaginations and perverse desires.

  • The whole freedom idea is a big joke. The Forefathers never died so a bunch of Faggots can say, “ we have rights too” very soon Pedo’s will want rights as well, and Child Rapists and child abusers and toddler rapists will all want equal rights, I say why don’t we put a Bullet in all their heads and rewrite the Constitution so that Faggots like the LGBT and everybody else that calls themselves different will not use the Freedom idea to shame us into accepting them in society.

  • When pedos wanted lgbt rights the entire lgbt community condemned them and told them all to die and go to prison. Because being gay or lesbian is literally a sexuality whilst being a pedo is a f****** mental illness.

    Considering you don’t know this it must mean you weren’t aware of it, so now you are and you’ll have to come up with another excuse for being homophobic I guess... or you could just respect other people’s lives since it literally doesn’t involve you.

  • The whole LGBT came up with the child s** abuse act, since the days of Rome and Greece, h*** even Muslims hated this disgusting practice known as Homosexuality.
    If you seen the vile acts performed by this sicko Weirdo’s known as the LGBT community, than you should know that they raped other children and made them think it’s all right to be Gay or Lesbian or Bi or Trans or Q**** growing up.
    They are nothing but Liars and murderers who made Adolescents kill themselves by suicide because they tried to be Gay or something, but failed to live a Normal life, so they killed themselves. Rather than living life with no love partner or anybody to love them for who they are. So the damn LGBT are not normal people, they are sicko’s and Weirdo’s and Liars and Murderers for making young people kill themselves by suicide.

  • As a former boy who was raped by an ostensibly straight man in a committed marriage, i can tell you it wasn't a gay man.

    But no, tell me more how it's just the gays.

  • Man rapes boy... So I don't think that guy is straight.

  • Amen.

  • Oh, no! Transgender actually IS a real thing: it's just that it's a really F***** UP thing . . . . . . . engaged in by a lot of really broken, really F***** UP people. It's sad, really.

  • Two genders only.

  • Yes that is true

  • Isn't it refreshing it read some common sense ?
    Yes there are two genders only.
    TWO .
    Have all you f****** weirdos with mental health issues and/or perverse desires got that ?

  • True ^dat^!!!

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