Transgender isn't a thing

There are only 2 genders m************

Apr 1, 2021

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  • LOL die mad, bigot. Ur such a snowflake, u can't handle people being cooler than u in multiple genders. Trans ppl r very cool and hot and friends :)

  • Yes I'm a proud ally

  • Mmm, that's not what I had your mother sayin last night, f*****.

  • Its a mental illness

  • Where did this disease came from ?

  • Isreal

  • If transgender wasn’t a thing then why are you talking about something that doesn’t exist? If it didn’t exist than you wouldn’t be talking about it lmao.

  • Thats dumb af unicorns don't exist but I'm still talking about this imaginary animal

  • I don’t see how this is a confession...

  • I made a comment on Facebook about there being only two genders and I stated that I hate queers, lesbians and the rest the weirdos .
    My post was deemed disrespectful and subsequently removed !
    F*** you Facebook.
    Politically correct w ankers.

  • It’s not being “politically correct” it’s called respecting other people.

  • F*** off !
    I respect normal people of BOTH genders.
    I don't respect people with overactive imaginations and perverse desires.

  • Yes that is true

  • Isn't it refreshing it read some common sense ?
    Yes there are two genders only.
    TWO .
    Have all you f****** weirdos with mental health issues and/or perverse desires got that ?

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