Not leaving

I'm not leaving my family. I love them way too much. I can't live the kind of life I want without having them around. They walked through during my thick and thins. How can I be so selfish enough to think about leaving them?

I changed my mind. I'm not leaving them.

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  • F*** off

  • You came here to write that? lol I'm glad you listen to yourself.

  • Very disappointing. VERY.

  • Damn Straight! No man should ever leave his family. If you did you would regret it, and break those children's future! You're a good dad!

  • The op isn't a man!

  • I'm a woman. Not a man. lol

  • So?

  • Oh I can't wait for a man to literally be my knight in shining armor to take me away from my family to better things. can't wait.

  • Are you all tripping ?

  • That's the spirit.You should not ever..

  • Thank you and I'm hoping you weren't expecting this message from a man because I'm not a man. A man would can never think this way. LOL

  • Riiiight. NO man has EVER strayed from his wife and kids, or just gf, or whatever. Never once in the history of the world. Keep telling yourself that while licking your wounds from having no game.

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