My mom officially got divorced today finally after so long. It happened! Idk what path to take in life it may sound over reactive but it's the solid truth. All of my family has degrees. I had to hold back in school to help my single mom pay bills and place food on the table. I've always wanted to be a chemical engineer but for situations of no money for school and having to work I couldn't I'm 21 now, I view the world differently. I've always had dreams to invest my money double my money and grind. I've worked in the chemical plants for 2 years now. I've learned a whole lot in the different kinds of trades. I've had many job opportunities as a chemical operator not because I'm qualified but because most of my family works in refineries, which I feel is not fair to those who have qualifications for chemical operator. I've bust my but off to work hard physically, mentally& emotionally. Thursday I have a scheduled interview for a small manufacturing plant but, It's 6 hours away from where I live . My mom has always been supportive. I'm in between do I take this job and work my way up to making 32 bucks a hour, or... do I go to school for my associates in something then get small certifications to stay in the refinery field. My biggest go has been to buy a house I'm 21 in July I have different ambitions than most my age. Always wanted my own truck and a corvette 2015. it sucks being lost. It sucks having no route to go to. It sucks not wanting what you know or what you see yourself doing. It sucks growing up. Where do I go. Do I risk it all. Or do I slowly and patiently wait for school and everything I've wanted come with pace. Most people say I'm crazy,insane for wanting everything at such a young age but I've conquered things with hard work and sacrifices.

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  • You sound HUNGRY !! You know what you want , your goals, dreams, aspirations. Your young but have a huge drive to yourself that's the first step in a process. best thing is think about going out of town your 21 for goodness sakes!!!!! Your not going to be where you want overnight, in a week or so, it takes patience. Hard work. You have it all from your story and the way you address your goals! Do what you think is best by thinking ahead on your future like you've always wanted best of luck god bless.

  • You are going to a small plant. As a small business owner, I know it is a real pain to recruit staff. If you are a smart and decent person, then your boss will support you going to university. I know it sounds like playing favourites but I used to pay for my best staff to go do whatever courses they wanted because I wanted to keep them. The useless ones (only one or two) were too dumb to work out why I never got round to showing interest in them.

    So go see the new guy and say how about you see how you go for a couple of months and then pay for your university fees while you stay working for him/her. It can be win win for both of you.

  • Join the military, that can help you further your education, plus your already sound motivated!

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