I really like this guy and......

I really like this guy and we're pretty good friends and we can talk about random s*** and all but i don't think he likes me back. I kinda wanna put an anonymous note in his locker, daring him to kiss me but i don't think it will work. Help

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  • He's probably scared of scaring you away. If you talk about random stuff, wait till your in one of those fun kind of random chats and say you know you can kiss me or something like that.

  • Don't wait for him to kiss you. Kiss him first. It doesn't have to be one of those that come from France. It can just be a peck on the cheek, a show of kindness, of fondness, of caring. Kiss him hello. Kiss him goodbye. He'll eventually get the message (guys can be slow, so be patient), and will return the favor. Then the kisses will gradually get longer. And longer. And longer.

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