Owned by girls

When I was 12 im a boy by the way. Anyways I was talking to this girl and that's all we were doing just talking. So my girlfriend comes along and she asked me what I was doing? I told her just talking. Well she grabs my arm and says let's go. Then the girl I was talking to grabs my shirt collar and and pulls me back. I yelled hey what are you doing? My girlfriend turns around and says let go and she grabs the front of my shirt well between the two of them pulling my shirt buttons all ripped off. The girl that I was talking to ripped my shirt off of me. My girlfriend then grabs my t shirt that I was wearing and starts pulling me along. The other girl grabs the back of my shirt and it rips my girlfriend said let go. They both kept pulling and ripping more of my shirt I told them to stop but they told me to shut up! By the time they were done all that was left was my shirt collar. The 2 of them fought each other and my girlfriend won. She said to me let's go I said to her look what you girls did to my shirt. She just looked and laughed at me and said next time don't talk to a girl. I was so humiliated.

May 24, 2017

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