My niece

My neice(wife's sisters daughter) who is 19 was staying at our house for a few days. The wife was out shopping with our daughter I was in my room, thinking that our neice must have gone out with them I started to watch some p*** (I like water sports. My wife never treats me to this so it's down to vids and my right hand when it comes to this particular fantasy) a few minutes into watching and wanking I suddenly notice our neice was there watching me. I tried to cover myself up (a bit of a pointless thing to do really because she'd seen enough already.) she was rather calm about it and said something along the lines of that why did I feel the need to masturbat because she knew for sure me and the wife had a good s** life (even telling me she had heard our last session a few nights before) I, although embarrassed at being caught as it were red handed, told her I had this fetish that her aunt had no interest in participating in, so watched these videos and played with myself whilst watching. She surprised me greatly when she said she had no idea such a fetish existed (but as she was actually on her way to the bathroom when she had heard my video and walked in on me) she said I could watch her urinate or if I wanted she would wee on me, I was shocked I didn't think she would think about such things. She asked me if I wanted her doing here in my room or the bathroom. I chose the latter.and went into our bathroom laid in my bath, my beautiful teenaged niece stripped off her pj bottoms showing me her cleanly shaved p****, open it up I said as she stood straddled above me she spread her p**** lips and at first just a little drip spat out of her pee hole but it was enough for me to get really hard I gripped my c*** and began to pump it. rub it, rub your p**** and pee harder I pleaded. She stroked her lips and c*** and then a spurt of glorious warm yellow liquid covered my chest I nearly shot my load there and then but then a strong stream of urine started flowing from her all over my, neck, chest stomach and p****. I don't know if she was turned on as much as me or purely faking it. But she began moaning. Out in orgasmic gasps. When the last trickle had left her body I pulled her down on my face. Licked her p**** clean and finished my self off as I did so shooting about 5or6 ropes of c** up her back, we both for some reason laughed I thanked her and we ran the shower over us. I felt guilt, excitement and loads of other emotions as we showered


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  • I really enjoyed this. I have the same impulse, the same desire. And I've been lucky enough to experience the delight of the warm golden shower. This was with a married woman whose husband was not interested in s**, and she was frustrated and ready for anything. She really loved a*** as well. I lay in the bath with her sitting above my face. She sprayed her divine liquid over my face and into my mouth as I licked her slit and stroked my c***. I actually filmed the event and often watch it now.

  • I would love the same experience from a married lady...I would love to penetrate her p**** between the bouts of peeing and lick her clean after she's done...I find this more exciting than conventional s**

  • Ask her if she's interested in f****** you. She could pee all over your c*** with it in her

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