That came out of nowhere.

What the heck happened this week, My wifes family had planned a 50th for her cousins parents and I have been a part of the family for nearly 20 years, In that time I have seen 3 things, Once, 10 years ago I seen her moms b00b who is now 55 was then 45, I seen her little sisters b00b when she was 22 and her sister is an anomally in their family, My wife and her mom and older siter are average built and are moderate C-cups and her little sister is a DDD and skinny, Lastly one time I seen up her older sisters skirt, couldn't see much as she didn't shave back then but apparently has started which I'll get into.
So my wife's entire family was there, 23 of them, 10 males and 13 females and evryone had rented a cabin in this big circle with a communal fire pit in the center and a hot tub building on the side, I don't know what the h*** but I seen more skin in two days than I have seen in my life. I'm not going to get into all the details but I'll tell what I seen and the resulting outcome which is the mind blowing part.
1) Mother in laws left b00b in a housecoat.
2) Older sister in laws Left b00b in a mirror reflection.
3) Younger sisters vag upshorts napping on the couch.
4) Mother in laws vag opening the oven in her housecoat.
5) Older sister changing with the door open, seen it all (Shaved).
6) Listened to younger sister rub one out on the other side of the wall.
7) Wife bent over with one half of vag exposed.
8) Wife one b00b slipped out.
9) Wife's niece bent over with entire backside exposed (Both holes)
10) Wife's aunts left nipple slipped out for 10 minutes while at the fire.
11) Wife's cousin in hot tub drunk with no top for 10 minutes (Fake D-cups).
12) Wife's cousin left the window open and 6 of us heard her get pounded.
So first night had a shower and went to bed, Second night had a shower and went to bed, Third night headed to the shower and...
Wife says "Where are you going?"
I said "Shower"
She said "Come here first"
She flips the covers back and is nud3, Kids are all having sleepovers elsewhere since it's the last night, Her mom and sisters had gone home that afternoon and we decided to stay, I get her all worked up with some oral and then she starts returning the favor but...She starts talking dirty, My wife is not a...Superstar in bed and doesn't venture past missionary often. So she gets me on my back and is looking up at me as she starts doing her thing and...
Says "So, interesting weekend?"
I was distracted to say the least and she knew most of what I had seen because she seen most of it too.
I said, "Huh?".
She said "You spent a lot of time looking at my moms b00b"
I said "Oh, I just uh..."
She giggled taking a long suck and then.
She said "Tell me about it"
I said "Tell you what?, You were there"
She said "about her b00b"
I was caught way off guard.
I said "I don't understand"
She said "I am trying to be dirty, This is your one chance to talk about what all you seen, I mean...I seen a lot and I am sure you seen more so be dirty, tell me about it and don't f*** this up"
My wife laid beside me and put a leg over me, Kissed my neck and.
She said "whisper dirty s*** about what you seen in my ear"
I was so flustered and she sighed then.
She said "Does my mom have nice t!ts?".
I nodded and.
I said "Your mom has great t!ts"
And it began, She kept asking me stuff and asked if I like her moms p****, I said yes and she said "mmm, You like hairy?, If I wasn't there would you have grabbed her hips and f***** her?". I nodded and said "Oh yeah", She told me that her mom hasn't been f***** in 10 years and would probably come all over my d!ck in minutes. She got on top and started sliding back and forth on my shaft and said "Are her t!ts nicer than mine?", I said no but they are very similar, She leaned in and said "which of my sisters has a nicer p****".
Truth be told it's the younger one but I said the older one because it looks like my wifes, Her mom and little sister both have total innies with no lips hanging out, My wife has just a little bit of inner lips showing and her older sister has more but still not lots, She whispered "Out of all three which one would you let sit on your face", I said "Your mom", She moaned and pressed down on me, She said "Tell what you picture", I said "Me, On my back, Your mom straddling my face, My hands cupping her bum as she lowers her p**** onto my tongue, Then I put it right in her and pull her nipples until she comes on my tongue".
My wife was making eye contact and breathing heavy, She was grinding h****** me, Almost angry dry humping, then she moaned and said "Oh...Oh f***" and lifted her hips, Closed her eyes and said "Not yet...No, No, No". She swallowed hard and then sat back down, I was like (WTF is happening) and she said "What about *****(Younger sister), I said I would bend her over the end of the couch with you sitting at the other end so you could watch her huge t*** and see her face when she came, My wife twitched and grunted and her eyes got wide, she said "Whew...I don't know how long I can do this" then she lifted her hips, grabbed my c*** and sat down hard and moaned, she repositioned herself and was looking down at her p**** as she slid up and down and then said "Do you think *** (Older sister) would look like that when you f*** her", I nodded and slammed hard into her, She maoned and I said "Except I would f*** her from behind so I could stick my thum in her big, round ass".
My wife was soooo wet, I couldn't believe it and she said "Mmm, I bet she would love that...****(Her husband) is small, She showed me a picture", she sat back down and said "Tell me more about ***", I said "I would pull her hair with one hand, F*** her ass with my other thumb and pound her so hard", My wife said "You like her?", I nodded and said "I would f*** her so hard", the older sister is just a tiny bit thicker than my wife but oozes s** appeal, my wife kissed my neck and said "How long did you look at *******(The neice)", I moaned and she said "I bet she hasn't even had a d!ck yet", She said "Would you?", I nodded and she said "Mmm, Tell me", I said "I would lay her back and lick everything pink" (Both holes), My wife shuddered a little and said "then?", I said "Then I would lick her little cl!t while I slid a pinky finger in her pretty little pink bum hole and then put my mouth right over her tiny blonde p**** and suck it till she begged me to stretch her tight little hole", My wife said "yeah, More", I said "I would flip her over and slide my hands under her and hold her tiny little pink nips (She's very flat) while I worked my d*** in her from behind and then f*** her while rubbing her pink little bum hole until she comes", My wife said "Oh baby, She just turned 18 - 3 months ago, You'd destroy that little p****".
My wife said "Tell me more" and started to pick up the pace, I said "I would f*** your aunt ****** on her back so I could watch her big t*** bounce with them big brown nips", My wife said "You like her big brown nipples?", I nodded and said "I would t!t f*** *****(cousin with fake t***) while she sucked my k*** until I came on her face" My wife started breathing faster and nodded her head. I reached a hand around and rubbed her bum hole and she was liking it then I slid a finger in and she tensed up saying "Ooohhh, We are doing that now?" Her saggy t*** were hanging over my face so I said "Just relax, Picture *****(sisters husband) whith his little d*** in your ass", She had her eyes closed but raised her eyebrows and said "Uh...Ok" and pretty soon I was fingering her ass.
I said "What about *******?" Her aunts step daughter, Total nerdy girl, Flat chested, Skinny, Not super pretty and has made it clear she is staying a virgin until marriage, My wife stopped, Looked at me and said "Oh?, Would you?", I nodded and said "I would put her on her back, She probably has a hairy little p**** so I would lick it while you hold her legs up for me" My wife shook a little bit and said "Yeah, yeah" I said "Then I would get between her legs and hold them up so you could grab my c*** and help her get it in her tight little p****", My wife moaned "Mmmhmm" and I said then I would push your hips down so you sit on her face and tell her to make us both come at the same time like a good little s***" My wife said "uuuhhhhh....shiiiitttt", I started going faster and said "Then I would pull out and come on your stomach so it dripped on her face while she licks your beautiful p****" and my wife went into convulsions like I have never seen her do before, she started moaning and borderline screaming as she came, I grabbed her hips and shoved deep in her and dumped a load in her.
She collapsed on my chest moaning and still convulsing, I tried pumping her a bit more and she said "Don't, Don't, just...Don't" so I laid there until I went limp and slid out of her. After a little while she rolled over and I spooned her, I whispered "What...was..." and she said "Shhh, If you say a word it will NEVER happen again, If you ask for it then it will never happen again, If you start without me telling you to it will never happen again, Be happy it happened and never mention it"
So....I have no idea what brought that on or where it came from but I hope it happens again....That was fun.

Sep 11, 2020

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