My wife's so fat --

My wife's so fat that he's huge saggy t*** hang down by her knees, her a*** is so big you could land a plane on it and trying to find her f**** in between the rolls of fat is like looking for a lost tribe in the Amazon rain forest. Her thighs are so big they nearly dislocated my shoulders when we tried to have s** and she put her legs round my neck. She complains when she's clothes shopping that clothes don't come in her size, so i suggested looking in a camping shop, she would have more choices, 2man or 4man tents, but she didn't think that was funny. When she bends over, the view from behind is like looking at an eclipse of the sun. She's so fat that he's a*** cheeks are in 2 different post codes.



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  • In case a grown-up isn't nearby to read it to you, this site is called Confession Post, not Lame Recycled Standup Comedian Jokes Post

  • Lol

  • Sounds good. Some men like ssbbw's

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