Swimming baths and work collegue

Went swimming with a work collegue(female 24 years old) I'm 61 still extremely fit as she commented on saying "wow my ex was 25 and nothing like your body,well ripped" sent my ego spiralling skywards, she is nerdy looking but the body in a tight swimsuit was awesome,tiny t*** good thighs and a cute a***,from the front the p**** was eating up the material slightly(hungry s*****) I instantly got a semi going on and she shyly commented "for my benefit?" I replied "sorry,and yes it's all your doing" anyway we swam for around 45 minutes then as the showers are communal but open we stood together under one as it was busy and so close together that again my c*** sprang up in my tight swim shorts and yes again she noticed,I am leaving the job soon and in the cafe afterwards she asked for my number and said "we must keep in touch" I said "yes that be nice" we parted in the car park and as is the norm kiss kiss on both cheeks but she lightly whispered "I want to f*** you" I stammered a "what?" she winked and skipped off to her car smiling,now at work three days later I get an imiediat erection when I watch her sexy a*** wriggle by,nothing has been mentioned since so I'm wondering if she's waiting for me to start my new job before she takes it up a notch?

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  • Went swimming tried to share the mixed changing cubicle with her but got a scolding look and Palm of her hand in my chest and a polite but firm "uh huh" lots of smiles as we went to the pool and during swim plus the open shower afterwards,the shape of p**** showing lovely throu her wet costume again;in the shower I whispered this to her to which she replied "why are you looking at it instead of my eyes?" I just laughed and said "because I want you as much as you want me" big smile from her and a "maybe one day" gave her a lift home after in the jag and a long snog endured in the lane at the rear of her mums property;her hand went on my bulge and she whispered in my ear "I'm very impressed" then she slipped away and skipped up the path into her mums house; I live in hope still and want her more than ever now

  • Go swim again , But suggest share a shower at home

  • We are going this evening so if I get the right moment I will suggest this to her

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