Obsessed with my GF's sis.

I need to vent. So check this out. I'm a 23 year old man and I have a beautiful partner, I really do love her and we have a baby together. But I'm obsessed with her 25 year old sister, I mean quite obsessed, mostly with her a***. Her a*** is literally perfect, nice round shape, firm and hardly jiggling when she walks. I can stop myself from looking but I have to for obvious reasons but if I could I'd look at it all day and night. I've even been having little dreams about her. It's not just her a*** though, no, it's her t*** and the rest of her body. She has a very nice firm set of b****** and she even wears a thin top that's slightly see-through with no bra on when it's warm and she's doing stuff outside so you can see het nipples, they barely sag, it's like she's wearing an invisible bra. Her body isn't the thinnest which is a good thing, curvy and taught at the same time. She's blonde with blue eyes, but I'm not really into blondes but with her I'll make the exception... But then again I won't cause I couldn't betray my girlfriends trust and hurt her like that. Even if I wasn't with her I'd have no chance with her sister for one big reason.....she has a slight phobia of germs or germophobia. So there it is. I can't stress enough of how much the temptation is to stare at her.

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