Wife Jen finally did it.

I never thought my wife Jen would have s** with another guy let alone be there to watch but it finally happened Thursday night. The 3 of us were pretty drunk, and once we got back to our place I convinced her to let me fool around with her a little while Brian watched. She argued but not for long. After she got into it Brian stripped down and once she saw him naked she got really hot and basically turned into an animal. She was really-really aroused so it wasn't long before he had total control of her. Man, he's a lot bigger then I am and after a while she just relaxed and laid her head back and let him do what he wanted. It was rough at times but she seemed to love it. I confess that I never thought I would be as aroused by this as I was and I've never seen her that way. It was the hottest thing either of us had ever experienced.

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  • Don't be surprised if she only wants big c*** now. He'll notice her wanting it more. With or without you. Even when you don't want to do it anymore. Next step is a BBC. She is already thinking about it just does not want to tell you

  • For entirely selfish reasons I've always wanted to watch my wife having s** with another guy. If she could let herself go and enjoy it that would be a perfect fantasy. We're not there yet, but maybe some day.

  • Exactly - every good relationship has people with distinct needs and wants. The easier it is to be comfortable with that, whatever it may be, the healthier the relationship. Clearly this is a couple trying to help and understand each other. The trick is finding someone outside the relationship that you both can relate to and trust especially when it comes to s**. My wife and I have done it and it gave me a better understanding of her in very intimate ways. It can be very powerful, overwhelmingly enjoyable, and very sexy. It sounds like you both enjoyed yourselves. Thank you for sharing.

  • I love open minded couples, and open relationships!! I think you two stand a better chance at staying together than those rigid couples that think they have to keep their marriage is some neat little box of dos and don'ts toted to us by the church and society.

  • Oh yeah your wife will be a big c*** s*** from now on, she wont be able to get enough of Brians moster c***, either with you there or behind your back. Eventually she will start to find other big c**** for herself, you might as well sit back and enjoy the s** goddess you have created.

  • She'll think of that big c*** every time they have s** now.

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