Submissive Christian Wife

I met my wife in church so she had a bit of preconditioning along the lines that women should be submissive. In the words of julia roberts, she would say I'm a sure bet you just need to say the word. So like in mrs doubtfire, I just used to say on your back legs apart and she would willingly and without complaint take her ** off and lie back and we would have **. Now that may sound exciting to a young guy imagining not having to work for **. But it became really really boring. I felt really lonely and isolated. I wanted excitement but she did not kiss passionately. She did not get aroused sexually by me. She actually used to say that her role was to please me and that her getting aroused meant that she was being selfish and looking for her own reward and that was not focusing on me. But ** was always on her back. Never ever any other position and always with her just lying there dead fish style.

Feb 8

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