My fetish story

I was at a restaurant with some of my girlfriend I am a girl as well when I was done desert my jeans were so tight they were squeezing my bloated stuffed belly. Nobody else notice as I put my hand on my aching belly. When we left I could barely get up when we got in the car the seat buckle was squeezing my belly so tight my friend Sara put her hand on my belly I jumped. When we reached my house she said she'd stay with me when I got on my bed she came over and unbuttoned my jeans I let out a big "ahhhhhh" she laughed as she pressed on my hard belly she pulled my jeans of and pulled my shirt off. She said "oh poor baby you ate to much" as she rubbed my belly it gurgled and slushed. She said "can I help?" Then she pressed on my belly I moaned and said "stop that hurts" she stopped rubbing. I was only in my bra and panties I rolled to my left side she laided next to me with her hand on my belly. Then she said "you overdid it didn't you?" As she started pressing harder. I tried sitting up and she punched me in my belly "now now relax I'm gonna make you feel better" as she rubbed my belly. Laying on my side moaning and groaning she told me to get on me back after I did she sat on my belly "ooohhhh god Sara stop ooohhhh" I said she got off and then grabbed body lotion and rubbed it on my belly it started to gurgle louder and louder she laughed. After a minute I got up and ran to the bathroom and vomited she came in and rubbed my belly from behind. When we laided back down on our sides she undid my bra "what are you" she let out a big "shhhhhh" "I saw how it was squeezing your back" she said after I put my bra back on she put her head on my hard slushing gurgling belly and we both fell asleep. The next morning I spent the entire day with her rubbing my belly it took two days till my belly got flat.

Jun 8, 2017

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  • Gross story, thanks.

  • This is so 😍😍😍

  • This is so obviously fake and written by bellytard guy

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