Truth is bitter

My best friend got cheated on by her ex-bf. She did a lot of things to catch him red handed.

Anyways, she came up to me. She shared her feelings and I told her it's okay. She'll be able to move on. He's not worth it. However, I also made her realize and reminded that she cheated on her first ex- boyfriend with that ex-boyfriend. When she cheated on her first ex-bf, I never got the chance to tell her that she was wrong. She shouldn't have done that. This time, karma hit her badly. She's hurt. I understand. I made her realize that it's time for her to move on and it's not worth. I just wanted her to accept the reality and her wrong doings to that man who truly wanted to be with her. I was disappointed in myself and in her. How come she never felt guilty about it? How come I kept quite? It was unfair to him. Now, it's unfair to her. But this time I didn't kept it quite. I had to remind her about her first ex-bf. I had to made her accept the fact that what she did was wrong and now, she's not in the wrong. These to ex-bf of hers are just lessons.

I think she might've misunderstood me. She probably thought I was hurting her, but I never did. I was standing for what was right. Doing anything wrong to anyone is not right. I might've struggled with my self-confidence, but it developed overtime and I learned to speak up. I hope she has finally realized what her first ex-bf felt after she cheated on him and how she feels now when someone cheats on someone who you care about the most. I don't care if she doesn't like me anymore. People will eventually do not appreciate a blunt person. On the contrary, I still care about her. I'm hoping she'd moved on from this relationship and make a new start.

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