Pregnant belly fetish

It started when i was only 7, my mother was pregnant at the time. one day i was in my blue and orange striped speedo, i had just got home from swimming lessons, i had just closed the door behind me as i had just gotten inside. just then my mother came out in the family room, and wow, she showed off her big round belly, at 6 to 7 months pregnant, in her bikini bra and short shorts, stretched way up over her belly almost up to her bikini bra. i got a real nice hard one under my speedo, my mother not only let me feel her belly, she felt the bulge between my speedo.

Apr 8, 2016

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  • You all need Jesus. He can cure you from this repulsive fetish. Call upon him now.

  • Fake story from an inbred pervert.

  • Have you had anyone you've been having s** with wear a false pregnancy belly? (This question comes from the female author a few of the pregnancy fetish posts here.)

  • Dang lucky you!

  • Lucky

  • Ever since I found out what my uterus did, being pregnant turned me on. I would watch pregnant belly expansion videos and be flooded. Just the idea of having such a huge belly turned me on so much to where I’ve comsidered having fertility treatments to conceive multiples...

  • I'm female and also feel the same way, especially about the expansion videos or c** inflation scenarios

  • Where are you? I want you

  • That's all!!????

  • When I was pregnant my husband would make me wear belly shirts to show off my pregnant belly and protruding belly button. My belly button was out of my stomach about 2 inches which was so gross to me. He loved when his friends would rub my belly and belly button. He loved when we would go to dinner or a movie with it exposed. My husband found it so fascinating that he would constantly play with my bellybutton by licking, sucking, tickling, poking, etc.

  • I wish i was him

  • Gross pregnant chicks

  • Right. Pregnancy and s** should never be in the same sentence. Nothing sexy about it. You're carrying an innocent child that wasn't asked to be trapped with disgusting people.

  • This was in the early 90s, I was or 6, my mom was in her little bikini, she was in her second trimester, her tummy had started getting big, we were walking on the beach, boys older than me had gotten big hard ones in their little speedo swimsuits, it made me get hard too in my little short shorts.

  • There are some naughtyposts with replies and comments about pregnant moms and their sons

  • Its fake. Just wannabe writers with sick fantasies. They should be admitted to asylums.

  • Wow, i remember my mother being pregnant, i wasn't aware of it til she came out in the hall, she had on see through nighty, she had on a tan lace bra and tan panties with a big round stretch panel all underneath her nighty, i got hard, i was 12 way back then.

  • Did you ever ride on her belly while she was pregnant? as her belly was very big and soft, i think it would have been a very good seat.

  • I never rode her belly, that had never come to mind, I sure got hard just from feeling her belly, when her belly started happening at, I think she was around 4 months pregnant, I got hard, usually whenever I wore teeny little short shorts and with no shirt on or with my speedo on, I even got to see her in her panties and bras when she was pregnant.

  • There's one other pregnancy story in the strange confession like it here in confessionpost mom's tummy

  • I just read your story, i was 11, i had gone over at a friend's house, his mom said he and his dad went to some sports event. i was just about ready to leave when his mom beckoned me inside, i never told my friend this at all, when she took off her top, oh wow, her tummy bulged out under the front of her stretchy short shorts, i was in short shorts with my shirt open, so i took my shirt off too, oh and seeing my friend's mom dressed like that, let alone, in her bra even, this gave me a wiggling hard one in my short shorts, she even liked feeling my rock hard bulge. i left long before my friend and his dad got back, it was our little secret.

  • Everyone seems to like something different but yours is an usual tale with an incestuous twist.

  • Nothing incestuous happened for reals.

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