Can't stop

I am a devout Christian. I go to church regularly, read the Bible, and am involvd in a small religious group. The only problem is I have difficulties with sexuality purity. It started with ** and has grown into something worse. Though I won't go so far as to actually have ** with a member of the opposite **, I will indulge in things only a little worse. It is tearing me apart, every day I promise myself I will resist, but almost everyday the temptation is to great for me.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • ** can be a problem. I feel sorry for men who went thru teen years and 20s when ** is so easy to see. It would have made me nuts to have to deal with that in 1977. You probably will continue to look at it because it is so easy to get, but set BOUNDRIES. You might not be good at it at first, but pray about it. Confess it and let Jesus help.

    He already knows it's hard. Remember Jesus had to live thru it too as did all the apostles and men back to the beginning so don't hide from the subject in prayer. Staying virgin till marriage was a lot easier when the age at which a man could first marry was fourteen. Women married as early as twelve. Mary the mother of Christ herself was only fourteen when Jesus was born.

    But most people now in 21century get married in late 20 or even 30s now so virginity might or might not happen for you. Remember That your faith is in Jesus who as he was dying on the cross said "Father, Forgive them. They know not what they do. He was forgiving the people who were in the process of torturing him to death! So logically if he can forgive that... you have no fear of being judged harshly for struggling with normal strong sexual drive for most of your life.

    You mentioned wanting to do something worse that hetero **? I don't know what you mean so I won't guess. Just know there are many gay friendly churches out there if you have to sort some spiritual things out. I assume you are doing something less awful by FAR than actually actively torturing anyone to death so you are going to be OK. It's just ** drive. Sometimes it's ** or has fetish. Baby you aren't the only human to go through what you are going thru. It doesn't shock Jesus. No need to fear him for that.

  • You can't stop having sexual thoughts anymore than you can stop breathing. It's normal.
    Any religion that convinces you to feel guilty for being horney is full of **.

  • Don't try to suppress your own sexuality. Its futile to think you can just change your brain so you don't find any pleasure in simple sexual thoughts. Your body rewards you for copulation or masturbation with endorphins. Your body knows that ** NEEDS to be a part of our life. If that spark wasn't there... well. Humans would be less plentiful.

  • You won't go so far as to actually have ** with someone of the opposite **, but you'll indulge in something worse?

    ** gay ** **?

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