I wish my dad would die

My emotionally abusive father is getting worse and worse. I'm afraid to admit this but I wish he would die, it's the only thing that would stop me killing myself. There's no way I see my life improving. He's never going to change... I just wish he would die



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  • Yes...I wish to see my father dead as well. He is violent and abusive. I left home 10 years ago but now, when I call home and talk to my mom, I can hear him swearing at her, calling her stupid, saying she knows nothing and ordering her to do stuff on an angry tone and reproach her all kinds of stuff that she forgot to do...and my mom just lost her mom 2 months ago and instead of supporting her, this a****** swears at her and verbally abuses her constantly. I grew up with that...with him shouting and swearing at us all the time and beating me if I didn't draw a line in my notebook the way he told me too. My mom and her parents saved his life many times, my grandparents gave mom money to operate him and my dad was always swearing about them. He even calls his sister illiterate and stupid and swears her. My mom is the most gentle helpful dedicated person I have ever seen and I used to beg her to take me and move but she always found reasons not to...Stockholm Syndrome at its best...and now I'm away and when I hear how he abuses her I want to poison him...So yes, I truly wish he dies as fast as possible

  • (cont from last post) I kept on telling him that pursuit in life probably wasn't to leech of some guy who only cares about his reputation more than he cares about his own daughters life. The guy is so paranoid and scared of EVERYONE. the guy has no heart. yes, he's f****** heartless. but funnily enough, I'm the only one who understands him and my mum knows I can get him and destroy his ego. so she keeps me away from him. she's so stupid and co dependent, I would feel sorry for her for being so dumb and allowing herself to continually destroy her own sense of integrity, dignity and self respect.... but she's just as bad as him. considering the fact that she has similar narcissistic traits, such as continually criticizing me over things that I'm actually better than her at. she's done it so much, I'm subconsciously AN IDIOT. my brain is full of trash, just years of being put down, having to make up for everyone's inadequacies, and just everyone's insecurities constantly being projected at me, whilst I continually have to prove with my actions that their words aren't true......

  • YESSSSSSSSSSS SAME SAME SAME SAME SAME SAME I HATE MY MOTHER TOO. they're both little kids. my dad uses me constantly, it's actually annoying. he think's I'm some sort of representative for kids in this day and age ... However, I'm not some trend hopping superficial t*** who's hungry for the next iphone tho am I. - so because of his skewed perception of me (which also extends to him and the world around him), he tries to use me for ideas for articles or whatever (he's an intermediate journalist, with 9 times the size of an ego) but tbh that's why people think the news is trash these days. because the more you comment on somethings you think is wrong-(which is essentially a problem you probably created in your mind, the more it gains awareness, the more people get curious about it, the more they get hooked, lose the point of the article (especially since the point of most articles can easily be minimized to, 'this is good' , 'dont do this' , 'this is bad', 'u look dumb',)

    my dad has a knack for creating issues in his head. he's the biggest bullsh*tter I've ever seen in my life and he expects me to fall for it. ever since I was a child he's always to manipulate me and lure me in with 'buying me stuff'... when in fact I really don't give a f***...

  • Smae I hate my dad he's a f****** idiot

  • You will be free!!!! It's so sucks, my biological dad was distant, ignored me and my sister since I was 3. He was not directly abusive to us, but through to my mother he was, especially by his actions. In no way am I saying that your situation sucks or that I truly can relate, but I promise you that it will not last forever. So many people have "perfect" childhoods, no problems, and they turn out to do nothing with their lives or be anything that contributes to their own happiness, they have everything they want but will never be satisfied. The are being equipped with the tools and experience to really go forward and kick this world square in the ASS!!!! Let this motivate and help you drive on. You will be strong, and resilient to many of life's pesky problems, because none of them will be as challenging as what you are facing now.

    GOOD LUCK!!! I Hope you find happiness. In the mean time, I encourage you to find someone that you can talk to, clergy, a counselor, there are even 1-800 numbers that you can call. Keep fighting forward and as soon as you are able to be free, go be free!!!!!!

  • Do not wish he was dead,hire some prison thug to kill him off.

  • Same here bro...and its universal..and itss purely a psychological game

    .its just that some face this to extremity

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