There are people in the world worse off than I am

So what am I supposed to do? Ignore the pain and comfort myself by sayng oh well there are people worse off than I am.

Yes there are people worse off than me but since I can't solve my own problems what can I do about it? Not a damn thing.

I'm told to pray but when I do that nothing happens.

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  • There are always people, in worse situation, than our own.However, we shouldn't discredit and compare our own situations/feelings, because someone else's,maybe worse than ours.It's not a competition.And we all have the right, to feel and express our emotions, regardless of what they're.
    Everyone has differing; lives,circumstances,experiences,environments and so forth.Just focus on your own circumstances and situations.Focus on, what you can do to change yours, if your situation requires it.Talk to loved ones, about how you're feeling.Or talk to a therapist,which ever you decide, I hope you feel better soon :)

  • Get out of the negativity cycle, you can attract more negativity that way. Read The Secret (can be found at the library).

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