Shy innocent wife turned in prison

My wife went to county jail for being caught several times for petty shop lifting. Other than her compulsion to shoplift she was the ideal home maker. Very shy and naïve outwardly, but in bed she was a wild cat and had to have it all most nightly. Well endowed at 38x24x42, many guys stare and sometime leer at her. I could see she liked it but pretended not to notice. Although her sentence was only 6 months, word got back to me that she was giving sexual favors to several guards repeatedly. Especially at lights out, she would come to the bars, go down on them and get it **. She kept it a secret from me, but I was burning up in side, but for some reason I also felt sexually excited imagining her giving in to other men. I researched why I was sexually excited on line, and realized I was probably a Cuckold who likes to watch his' wife be used sexually by other men. So when she got out, I told her I knew she what she was doing with the male guards and now you are going to do it for my pleasure! She looked shocked but said nothing. Next Saturday night I took her to a swing club, and melted back into the crowd to see what she would do. It wasn't long before she was on her knees and spreading her legs wide and taking heavy loads. Her repeated ** made my ** like a rock. I took ** pictures of her and showed them to several guys and the phone began to ring. I liked both of us to be shamed, it aroused me and she gained the reputation as a ** who puts out while her husband watches and gets off. My innocent shy wife has ridden more ** than I can count and it gets me ** to hear the things guys say about me behind my back and what a slutty ** toy my wife is who will do anything with guys, especially as her husband watches

Feb 4

Next Confession

Caught up-skirting my own wife!

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