GF's past has given fuel for my Mastubation

I had a girfriend last year who was molested by her cousin when she was younger. One day she told me about it over the phone and I instantly got an erection. I proceeded to ask her about the details and the who, what, when, how and everything about it. I Still use the image of her pulling down her panties for him and being grinded on by him as a sexual thought when I stroke my p****.

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  • Its insensitive to feel like that but it is a taboo subject which can easily turn you on, depending on your kinks.

    Now that you are sexually mature you could absorb what happened without trauma. Her being not mature is the issue. Her trust relationship mechanism is kinda broken for now.

  • You're a HORRIBLE person.
    That was a traumatic event for her,
    and you don't even care.
    You're actually a b****** boyfriend,
    and you deserve to have your d*** cut off.
    You don't give a S*** about her,
    so go kill yourself.

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