One Night Cuck

My wife and I have been married for several years and we still get along. I love having s** with her and she with me. We don't have any kids, so life is still fun having s** whenever and wherever we want. Sometimes we stop into the adult store and look for anything new or strange they may have gotten in. We have picked up some odd toys, like c*** suckers, p**** strokers, and electric shocking vibrators. Most of the time the new toy does what it's supposed to and keeps are s** life interesting.
The last several months that we have stopped in, they haven't had anything new. I asked my wife what we're going to do if they have ran out of ideas and there are no new toys. She jokingly said that she'd just have to use a real human p**** as a new d****. She caught me off guard, so I just laughed and said ok. Not thinking any more about it, I just put the comment out of my head and moved on.
Several weeks later I came home on a Friday night after work and found my wife sitting there with some guy I had never met. She introduced him and said she met him at the local supermarket.  I shook his hand and offered him a cold beer. He accepted and we moved out back to the patio. We all three sat around the table drinking and talking for about an hour. That's when my wife laid a bombshell on me. She said so you remember several weeks ago when I said I wanted a human d**** and you said ok? Well this guy is the human d**** that I want. What do you think? I was shocked and didn't know what to say. I asked her if she really wanted to f*** another guy, and she said well only if you'll let me baby. I couldn't very well say no, and truth be told, it was getting me hard. I told her that if she wanted to f*** him she could, but only with me. She agreed and we all three headed for the bed room.
Once there this guy was quick to undress, and my wife was even quicker to take his c*** into her mouth. She started sucking him like there was no tomorrow. She sucked and rubbed his b**** as he slipped his c*** in and out of her mouth. Several minutes later my wife stood up and stripped her cloths off. This guy then pushed her onto the bed and dove head first into her nice little p****. He lapped at her p**** as he tonge f***** her and bit at her c***. I have never seen my wife move like she moved that night. She then grabbed him and demanded that he f*** her. He crawled up on top of her and within seconds he was b**** deep in her p**** f****** her like she was a two bit w****. She screamed in pleasure with every thrust he made as his b**** slapped her on the ass. As quickly as they had started, they both finished with one finally thrust he shot his load deep inside her. It happened so fast that I didn't even take my own cloths off. I just stood there shocked by the fact that my wife just f***** another man in front of me. The both got up and he put his clothes back on. My wife walked over to me, kissed me, and said she was going to take a shower. He shook my hand again and then left.
Later that night, my wife came on to me and we headed for the bed room. I took my clothes off and my wife dropped to the floor and started sucking my c***. After several minutes she stood up and took her clothes off. I pushed her on the bed and began eating her p**** like my life depended on it. She was moving and screaming the same way she had earlier. Then she grabbed me and demanded that I f*** her harder and better than the other guy. My d*** got so hard, I slammed it in her p**** and f***** her like a two bit w****. It was the best s** either of us has had. Afterward my wife asked me if I had fun. Of course I did, I answered. She said good, because I'm never f****** anyone other than you again. That was the first, last, and only time I will f*** another guy.

Jun 25, 2017

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  • Too bad! I get really hard every time that my wife let's me watch her f****** another guy.

  • The next step s she wont shower before she wants to be with you, wanting you down on her licking up the other mans c**. I think you are going to be a cuckold from now on, maybe be her sissy

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  • Hot story! Wish my wife would c** up with an idea like that!!!

  • Sorry to bust your bubble but it was her suggestion to f*** another man the first time around and she did it right in front of you. The truth is she was probably f****** him before that night and has continued to f*** him behind your back.

  • Why would she f*** the other guy behind his back? He already let her f*** the other guy right in front of him. You wouldn't risk losing free milk by stealing it when the farmer will give you the milk for free.

  • No way she means that.

  • She's lying

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