We all know not to text while drinking

We have a neighbor girl at our nudist resort for the past 5 years that the wife and I are very close friends with. I have never has "thoughts" about her in all this time. She is single, fun loving and quite attractive. I see her naked all the time and still I have never been tempted.

We have been working on a joint resort project and out of no where I started crushing on her. Her lounge chair at the pool is right next to mine and now through my sunglasses as not to be caught I look and her naked body like never before.

I stare at her naked a$$ literally for a great deal of time when she lays on her stomach. She has a very smooth clean shaved cunny with a small piercing. I wonder what it would be like to slide my member in her smooth kept lady part.

On the other side of me laying out is my naked wife who is prettier than anyone at the resort. She is far from a dumb person and I think from a comment she made to me she suspects I have wondering thoughts.

I started texting our neighbor girl last night which is common for us to do but I wanted to confess my feelings. It was a lengthy text but before I sent it I was interrupted and it didn't get sent..THANK GOD. I woke up this morning now sober thinking I dodged an idiot moment.

I took out my sexual frustration on and in my wife's body imaging it was our neighbor girl.

Jun 26, 2017

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  • Few months ago, I was at my usual sports bar, texting friends and whatnot, and, in my getting-there inebriated state, messaged my niece's hot-bodied, so now f******* 21 year old friend (ex-friend..they don't speak anymore) back and forth. She's a college student and on the dance team, and her body has just developed so well and sexy. Sent me a pic of herself in a crop-top shirt with a V in the middle, showing off her now-amazing t***. Really got me going, as did her sexy smile.

    After the basics, hey, how are you, and so forth, my misguided brain told me, what the h***, tell her how hot she is..She'll appreciate it. I complimented her on the pic, said she "looked hot", and that I'd always thought she'd become as beautiful and hot as she is now. Ten, I got a little bad..Texted "I'd f*** you silly now that you're older!"

    She messaged back "What? Really?", which I took as a green light to let my thoughts loose. Told her I'd eyed her up for a long time, loved when she'd go to my niece's house and lay out in her bikini, on the trampoline with the hose water going, and that "opening those dancer's legs and tasting your thighs would be pure pleasure". She said she'd be in from college later that month, and, to my surprise "We should, you know...Get together..Like you said, I'm older now, 21, so we can go drink".

    When I finally got home after more back and forth, I sat on my couch and re-read the texts. "Holy s***" I thought.."Did I just say all that to Cassie (name change)?" I did look at her for years and wanted her body, but kept it to myself. Tonight, though...Too many drafts had dropped my judgement and I was telling her all this? And making plans to f*** her?

    I lucked out and she ended up not coming in the weekend she was supposed to. Said had to work. We've chatted since then, but I've kept it lighter and less "I wanna f*** you". Still tell her she's beautiful, hot, and still has an amazing, sexy smile..But no more direct, what I'd do to you stuff.

  • Yup, best we both cool it.

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