Big Booty Hispanic Lady at Guitar Store

Yesterday,I stopped at a music instrument store to buy my little sons some things. Its a big place,I was dropping my kids off at their mom's place after, and head back to work so was in a rush.

As I was leaving,a beautiful Hispanic woman,late 20s-early 30s,walked in. She had her music in her ear,t-shirt on and short blue jean shorts. This woman had the nicest sexiest booty I have ever seem in many years. I lost my mind just in her presence. I could not quickly decide whether to talk to her or just go about my business. I have been thinking about her since then,wishing I had done something different than what I did or did not do.

As soon as she entered,she asked a front door( a gate keeper or security) guy this: "do you have a bathroom I can use?" The guy showed her the direction of the bathroom.

I was parked right in front of the door,and could have waited for her. But I decided to leave. Sadly,I know I will never see her again. I am jealous of the guy that gets to slap and caress that ass every day. I hope there is such a guy,because I am disappointed I am not the one.

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  • Damn you people are no competition

  • A couple of years ago, I met a Latina flight attendant on a red-eye flight from the East Coast into LAX (I was going for work and my wife wasn't with me). She and I flirted from the time I boarded the plane, and during the wee hours, we shagged -- briefly and uncomfortably -- in the lavatory. Even so, it was amazing. AMAZING. Best s** I ever had. Maybe the best s** ANYBODY ever had. I invited her to stay with me in L.A. while I was there, and she accepted. I was going to be there for eight days. Third day, she had to fly for work, so she left but promised to return the following night and stay with me as long as I was in L.A. I never saw her again, and apparently, the name she gave me wasn't real: there was no record of her with the airline. But so help me, if I ever found her, I would divorce my wife in a HEARTBEAT and marry this girl. Maybe she thought I was getting too serious, but I couldn't help it: I actually WAS serious. I've had several other Latinas since then, but nothing like her. Esmerelda was her name, or the name she gave me. I hope one day to find her again. I know that sounds like a happily-ever-after fairy tale, but for me, it really WOULD be happily ever after. So, I say all that to say that I totally TOTALLY understand your attraction to and fascination with Hispanic women. Or at least with ONE Hispanic woman. TOTALLY.

  • I am happy and sad for you at the same time. I am hoping you find this woman,even just to see her one more time. Went to a club one time in Maplewood,Minnesota. Met an Asian lady in there, and talked to her but she paid me no attention. As the club was closing,I ran into her and this time she talked with me. I took her home and had s** with her for few hours. She was awesome and lustful. She left and gave me her number. I called her the next day,she answered and said she was moving to New York or somewhere. Never heard from her again.I thought about her for a few years.I understand your dilemma.

  • Thanks for replying. I've been with only a few Asian women -- one Chinese, one Korean, two Japanese. I had always heard how hot and dirty Japanese women are, but these weren't. Very plain. The Chinese girl was painfully shy and not very eager for making love, and she worried about my being married. The Korean was WILD!!!!! OMMFG!!!!! She f***** like her immigration status depended on it (of course, it didn't). She was married, and was new to the world of adultery (we were both married), but you would have thought her t*** was on f****** fire! Once we started f******, she went f****** crazy, and EVERY time was like that. She wanted it all the time, and she wanted it for hours at a time. The problem was that she was my wife's nail salon girl, and they knew each other, so we had to be super careful. But somehow, that just made the girl hornier for it. I was lucky to survive the relationship. Fortunately, she got pregnant and had to slow down on the f****** (doctor's orders: she admitted to the doctor that she was sport f****** me and the doctor was worried about what we were doing to the baby) and then couldn't f*** at all anymore for a while, otherwise I think she might have broken my f****** d*** OFF. My girl Esmerelda didn't f*** as wild, but she had the best p**** I ever had, and the best a******, too. And Esmerelda knew how and where and when to touch a man for any number of pleasures and for extending a session. I was in love. Still am (I guess you could tell that).

  • Was the Korean lady's baby yours? I wouldn't mind knocking and Asian girl up for sure.

  • I worried about that, too, after she first told me she was pregnant, and especially when she didn't volunteer the name of the father. I was afraid to ask, and she never said. We kept f****** for several weeks more, on the same general schedule we were on, and she stayed hot for it. Amazing. The doctor told her she needed to cut back on the f****** because it was too rough. Then eventually, she said the doctor told her she had to quit completely. So, we did that. I assumed her husband was the father, but she never ever told me, and she never told my wife either who was the father. We had to stop seeing each other completely because she was working extra shifts and taking care of the baby, sometimes at the nail salon. So we ended the affair (amicably). Then one day, maybe a year after she gave birth, while my wife and I were at dinner with friends, she mentioned to one of her girlfriends who went to the same shop that Eun Ha worked at that the baby "seems so familiar". I nearly s*** my pants. I was sure Eun Ha and ratted my ass out without even telling me first that I was the father. But my wife just said something about the baby's nose and ears and then dropped it altogether. I'm glad it didn't happen, although there would be worse things than f****** Eun Ha every day, and knocking her ass up every year or so. She's a hundred times better f*** than my wife. I'd rather be with Esmerelda (or whatever her real name is), my Latina dream, naturally, but I would do anything to get back in Eun Ha's pants again: that b**** was wild and nasty. The kid is three or so now, and I've never seen him, so I don't know if what my wife saw was me, or something else. But.....after reading your post, wanting to knock up an Asian chick, maybe I should reconsider......?

  • I think you should reconsider and search for her. She is probably working at the same place or her co-workers know where she is. Try,even to see what kids looks like,you!

  • I decided to man up and go by the nail salon, just as you suggested. Eun Ha wasn't there anymore, but her best friend still worked there, and said she knew where she was working. This girl knew that Eun Ha and me had the affair, and she had given us cover several times when my wife was snooping. While I was there, she called Eun Ha and asked her if she could tell me where she was, and she said yes. She gave me the address and I went to see her and we picked up right where we left off. She took me to the store room and f***** me right there (apparently all the girls s*** in the back, so it wasn't a big deal and Korean girls seem to protect each other's s** secrets). She said she wanted us to get back together and resume our affair. She is still with her husband and she said she has a new boyfriend and also a new fling partner, but she would dump them both for me, so she would only have her husband and me. (She also said she wanted me to tell my wife to start coming to this new salon, because Eun Ha likes us being involved right under my wife's nose.) We never talked about the child she had 3 years ago, but I am sure I'll get to see it sometime and then I can judge for myself: I assume if I was the father, she would of told me so at the time, or over this past weekend when we made love at the salon or later at a hotel. Anyway, thanks for the encouragement and the impulse to go see her. Even if that baby isn't mine, I plan to talk to her about having one together, even while we stay with our spouses: the idea of doing family planning with someone other than my wife is incredibly arousing. Damn! And I was wondering......just based on the way you have expressed yourself in a couple of situations.........have you ever done that? Planned a baby with another man's wife? Or just wound up knocking her up, on purpose or by accident? Sorry to pry, but I'm just curious about your experiences.

  • At least say hello, see if she is responsive

  • Bang those nasty Latinas HARD! They love it!

  • Those b****** are fine. I love them so much.

  • It's all true. All of this. If you treat them politely, they won't go with you. Be rude, be rough, f*** hard, don't stop.

  • Just please be careful. Lots of those Hispanic women are not in the country legally, and getting an unsuspecting American guy to knock them up can be one way they could change their INS status. Be careful. Be VERY careful. Some of the b****** are selfish and shrewd.

  • So very true too

  • ...yeah i got trapped this way.....the kid is 9 now.....learned my lesson the hard way.....

  • You get to see the kid?Do you feel any love towards it? How is your relationship with the mother?

  • A buddy of mine used to date a hot Latina girl. They broke up because she was a bit crazy, but she was fine looking. I'll never forget going over to their place to watch a game with my buddy, and she was out gardening in the back, rocking bikini bottoms. Her ass was mesmerizing. I remember thinking that if I whipped out my d***, I could have stroked out a load in about ten seconds. The image of that ass had me that excited.

  • Lovely a**** man,but they are hard for me to get

  • Latin b****** have the best p**** of all.

  • I so want it

  • ....god yes.....oh dear sweet mother of christ yes..... i want that latin t***.....f***!

  • Hehehe me too

  • I think it is more of an individual thing kinda like how you have a small c*** lol

  • I'll take a Latina any day of the week over any other kind/type/race of chica.

  • I love the fact that many like to have lots of kids

  • ....absolutely......when they f***....they are f****** for the breeding....face down ass up......they position themselves for the best chance at getting knocked.....its what they all want.....all of them.......face down ass up......its what their bodies are made for.......and its what they bodies all want......thatswhy they all go face down ass up.......they should all get tattoos that say "breed me"...its how they all f***.....face down ass up.....

  • Very very true. Everywhere I see them they have lots of kids and mostly very close together in age. I am actually thinking of becoming a sperm donor to hispanic women,especially lesbian ones. Latina women so fertile it seems and they love making babies. I love that myself.

  • God yes I love how fertile they are

  • Dude any healthy person is fertile it has nothing to do with race......

  • Yes. Latinas all f*** like they mean it.

  • Oh f*** yes, they really do. All of them. I love that.

  • Just enjoy it for what it was. A couple of months ago I was at a convenience store to buy some beer and smokes, and there was this gorgeous MILF near the counter scratching off lottery tickets. She was wearing a tank top and cotton shorts, and had the most beautiful t***, ass, and legs that I had ever seen. I damn near had an o***** just from looking at her.

    I thought about introducing myself, or even complimenting her on her looks, but I'm married and it would have been stupid. I still hope to see her again whenever I go to that store.

  • Thanks much. She probably likes married men,lol.

  • Yeah.....ya gotta keep going back. I hope you find her. She sound fine.

  • Right with you...One of my hot bartender friends has a perfect, bubble ass that guys look at and l*** after. Lot of us often say "That lucky b****** boyfriend of hers gets to have at that ass all the time..", or "I'd pound the h*** out of that ass..Look at her".

    Funniest was one Halloween, when she dressed up in costume that really showed off her ass. One girl, a hostess, came to myself and the guys I was with and said "I'd jump the bar to get at that. And I'm a woman!"

  • You are a p****

  • Not really

  • Yes you are

  • Totally totally agree,,

  • Totally totally disagree

  • UR H***.

  • Ur b****

  • Lots of Latinas have got that ass. Go find another one. Those b****** are everywhere and they are all HOT. I only f*** Latinas now: they are waaaay too good to pass.

  • I see them everywhere but never seen one with a booty like this.Been with many women in my life,but I have only been with 2 Latinas, and that was back in 2012. I can never seem to hook up with them even when I try. The ones I have hit on mostly say they married,or can't speak english. One of the two I hooked up with was a co-worker(not cute,bad in bed),the other was a craigslist hook-up(she was so cute,good in bed, but unreliable, so dumped her). A co-worker I have been salivating over for 3 years just told me few days ago that she has a friend...I have lost that one too. Its a crisis,hehe. Enjoy man,I am jealous but happy for you:)

  • Yep, lots of them are married, or are shacked. And for the most part, those are pretty loyal (though the exceptions are hotter than hot: you find a married one that plays, you've struck GOLD!). I can tell you that hotels and restaurants are pretty good places to go hunting for Latin girls: just hang out and wait and watch. You may have to be a little more assertive than you normally are, but don't get discouraged: the effort is TOTALLY worth it. One other suggestion. If you start dating one, be polite and respectful. Apparently they don't get much of that, because they respond to it like crazy. And I don't mean to use that as a ploy: actually be kind and thoughtful. In short, be yourself. Once they are comfortable around you, the s** will be more and better -- and hotter and nastier -- than you have ever had. And as for the booty, most Latinas love that s***. In particular, in my experience, Guatemalan girls have a hunger for a*** s** like no other females in the world. Once you get on......HOLD ON! It's gonna be a wild f****** ride, my man!!!! Best wishes......

  • I have been h**** for a latina since I saw that booty. Hooked up with a separated one(37) from online yesterday. She stood me up in the morning due to nervousness but went out for drinks with me after midnight. She was short and thick. I was able to hug and kiss her and play with her nipples(they are pierced). I believe I was very polite to her in the way I handled her in text and in person,and she told me she appreciated that. Maybe I will see her naked soon:)

  • ....they say no no no right up until they say yes yes yes........

  • I so wanna hear that many times,lol

  • LOL! Love it! I want the same! LOL! Many MANY times!!!

  • You have to seize that kind of opportunity and that ass, man!

  • Very brain just froze.

  • What a sad loss

  • It was a great loss. You cannot imagine the pain in my heart. I should have tried something.

  • Dont be a p**** then

  • Yeah, I get that. I totally get that. It does become heartbreaking sometimes, wondering if that woman was who I was meant to be with, and I just failed to take the step I should have taken. Wondering if I just failed. That's a hard word, isn't it? The word "failed"? In that setting? Was I supposed to be with her? Did I just ruin my life by not acting? By not stepping out? By not speaking to her? Did I "fail"? Did I? God I hate that. So yes, I understand the point, and I feel the pain of it. Thanks for sharing.

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